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"Accepted by Harvard and Stanford. I am elated and grateful. I am also very thankful for all your support and help, seriously doubt could have reached this far without it."

A., India

At the world's top business school, the process for gaining admission – from informal dialogue with students to the all-important admissions interview – demands strong skills in spoken English. Schools expect that students will confidently and effectively contribute and interact -- inside and outside the classroom -- in clear English.

To help non-native English speakers reduce their accents effectively and efficiently prior to their admissions interviews, The MBA Exchange can introduce you to optional coaching services. You'll work with experts to develop a standard, regional American accent -- characteristic of Midwestern or West Coast speakers -- so that you are more easily understood and capable of communicating with confidence.

You can choose from three packages, depending on your needs, timing and budget:

2-Session Package: Your Coach will identify and help address your immediate needs for an admissions interview scheduled within the next 2 weeks.

5-Session Package: Additional emphasis on pronunciation and word-stress patterns to more fully prepare for a future admissions interview.

10-Session Package: Includes the above plus professional study materials to help you reduce your accent for two future interviews.

To request your FREE, no-obligation 15-minute accent evaluation and consultation, or just to learn more about these services and prices, please email The MBA Exchange.