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What's New in MBA Admissions? - Part One

Much of the admissions process remains exactly the same today as it was back in 1996 when The MBA Exchange began advising applicants. In two posts, we will share some noteworthy changes impacting b-schools and their applicants. 

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MBA Application Submitted: Now What?

The anxiety and apprehension that many b-school applicants feel the day after the deadline can be overwhelming. If you are asking yourself, "What do I do now?" then read on for the answer.  

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MBA Waitlist: High-Stakes "Musical Chairs"

You've waited, anticipating the magic moment when you find out if you're among the admits to your targeted b-school. Are you in? Were you rejected? Or were you put on the waitlist? Here are 3 keys to moving from "Waitlisted" to "Admitted!"  

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Virtual Interview: Make a Great Impression . . . Remotely

Congratulations! You just received the invitation to interview. But what if there are no local interviewers and your interview has to take place over the phone or Skype? Read on for some expert tips.

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Size matters when choosing an MBA admissions consulting firm

 How can you tell when an admissions firm is just right? It’s the one that offers you these 8 attributes...

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Still on MBA Waitlist? 3 Reasons Not to Give Up

Are you living in waitlist limbo? The good news: your dream school did not reject you. The bad news: you’re stuck somewhere on their waitlist – and are not sure how to get off. Not knowing where you rank and what your chances are for admission are two of the most frustrating aspects of being waitlisted.

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When you think your Round 2 MBA application is finished, think again

Are you a Round 2 applicant targeting top-tier business schools? Have you written your applications for submission by the January  deadlines? Would you feel more confident if your applications were thoroughly critiqued by former MBA admissions officers and skilled grads of your targeted schools? If you answered yes to all 3 of these questions, then you’re not really done with your applications.

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Reapplicant realities: How to get it right the SECOND time

Among the thousands of MBA applicants to top business schools every year is a special group: re-applicants. These individuals tried their best to gain admission the previous year, but ultimately were rejected. If you intend to reapply, you’re probably trying to figure out how to reconstruct your application, capitalize on strengths and mitigate weaknesses for a better outcome. However, the reapplication process is riddled with misconceptions. Read on for three of the most common fallacies.


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MBA admissions essays: Getting it right before you write

This is the time of year when business school applicants feel the stress and strain of having to present their past, present and future in writing. Despite the rapidly approaching deadlines, taking a step back to consider how to do so effectively is time well spent.

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"Thank you notes" from The MBA Exchange

 With kudos to late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon for creating the highly irreverent, comedic genre known as "Thank You Notes," here are some of ours.

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