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New MBA Admits: Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet

Admitted? By all means, celebrate your big win! But also consider these important next steps.

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8 Questions for International MBA Applicants to Ask

We're pleased to share this timely guest post from Prodigy Finance.

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Paying for your MBA starts today

 By David Klein, CEO of CommonBond
The MBA Exchange is proud to share the following insights and advice from our ally CommonBond.

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Now that you’re admitted, which B-school should you attend?

Jenn Yee is a graduate of the Full-Time MBA program at the Kellogg School of Management, and the Founder of,an online lifestyle magazine that provides MBAs with national content covering popular topics such as Career, Family, Love & Dating, Social Life, and Style. Follow her on Twitter for the latest in business education news and gossip, @mbasocial.

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Congrats future MBA! You’ve done it. All the studying, essay-writing, and putting on your best interview face has paid off, and now you’re in. But you’ve been accepted to more than one school. How do you figure out where to go? We’ve created the essential list for doing your due diligence on the schools that you worked so hard to get into.

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