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5 Steps for MBA admissions interview success

We're delighted to re-post this timely blog because being granted an interview at the b-school of your dreams is awesome -- and intimidating! Here are some steps to take to maximize this golden opportunity.

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The Last Word: MBA Admissions Interviews

5 steps to success when meeting adcoms face-to-face.

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Interview Invitation: "Willy Wonka Ticket" for MBA Applicants

If you've gotten an interview invitation from your b-school choice then you may feel like you've won the proverbial Golden Ticket. But there are challenges to be overcome to claim the prize of admission! We're very pleased to share this guest post by Pauline Jennett, Master Admissions Consultant at The MBA Exchange.

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New Mindset for MBA Interview Prep: Be the "Teacher"

This guest blog post encourages you to reconsider the position of the interviewee: no longer a passive "target" of the interviewer, but an active participant in a discussion.

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Admissions interview fiasco at Wharton only confirms the right way to prepare

Ethics and efficacy are not mutually exclusive, even in the highly competitive world of MBA admissions.

Recent events at Wharton concerning their admissions interview process only underscore the need to prepare one’s MBA candidacy strategically and thoughtfully, without taking shortcuts that jeopardize integrity and results.

To summarize the facts as reported by major media, Wharton informed its interviewers in confidence that they should use only a short list of questions supporting a new “behavioral” approach to interviewing. Apparently some of these interviewers leaked these questions to applicants, essentially giving these individuals an advantage over applicants who interviewed earlier without knowing the questions.

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New Service - MBA Face-to-Face™

We’re very proud to announce the launch of MBA Face-to-Face ™ consultation for admissions interviews. This new service represents a powerful alternative to traditional methods of interview prep such as practicing with friends and colleagues – or a mirror. Our clients get exclusive access to an online facility where they can record practice interviews and replay them later to refine their skills; we’ve developed 25 different interview scenarios ...

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