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Why should MBA applicants care about the B-school Dean?

What does the Dean of a top business school really do, think about, and value most? And why should you, as an MBA applicant, care about him or her?

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Social media presence more critical than ever for b-school applicants

Back in June 2010, when The MBA Exchange announced the first-ever social media audit for MBA applicants, there were some cynics who said, “B-schools don’t really check that stuff, do they?”

Well, in fact, they do!

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Seven Trends in MBA Admissions that Make a Difference for Today’s Applicants

The following is an excerpt from a guest article written by Dan Bauer, managing director and founder of The MBA Exchange. Read the full article at MBA Admissions Trends in F1GMAT.

F1GMAT: The MBA Exchange® is a veteran in the MBA admissions industry, providing expert guidance to thousands of applicants since 1996. What are some of the MBA Admissions trends that you have seen over the past 14 years?

The MBA Exchange: Amidst a nearly constant state of change, there are seven major trends in MBA admissions that The MBA Exchange has observed over the past decade and a half.

1. The beginning – and the end — of dialogue between school and applicant

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Social media profile can make or break your business school candidacy

“What applicants post on websites can get them in trouble. Be careful!”

–Admissions Director of a top-15 ranked MBA program

How will MBA admissions officers, recommenders, interviewers, b-school alumni, students and other “influencers” perceive you based on your presence on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? It’s not just what you post, but also what has been posted about you — or about others with the same name — that could hurt your chances for MBA admission.

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Career Advancement: Social Media and Your Virtual Resume

The dramatic culture shift spawned by the growth of social media in recent years has opened myriad new opportunities for people looking to advance their careers. But it has also created new obstacles, as well. Navigating the social media terrain to maximize your potential and appeal to hiring managers can be tricky, but understanding what you can do to optimize your presence on the Web is a good start to standing out from the crowd.

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