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"Thank you so much for getting to this ding analysis so quickly It is an impressive and hugely valuable part of the service. Your analysis makes a great deal of sense.!"

L., California

Get our expert assessment of your rejected MBA application

Why were you rejected by your dream business school? Was it something you wrote, said or did? Or was it something that you completely missed?

Unfortunately, admissions committees almost never provide any feedback or actionable explanation for why they said “no” to an applicant. This feels unfair and frustrating, to say the least. Now you have an alternative to wondering and guessing.

From our hands-on experience supporting over 10,000 b-school applications since 1996, The MBA Exchange understands what makes or breaks a candidacy. With a consulting team that includes former admissions officers from the top b-schools, we know what adcoms expect and value most – and what turns them off.

The MBA Exchange can review your rejected application, and provide a written report on:

  • strengths that you should have clarified, prioritized and leveraged,
  • weaknesses that you should have explained, fixed or ignored,
  • missed opportunities that you could have pursued and featured

So, why guess at the reasons why you were rejected, and risk making the very same mistakes in future apps? Take the next step towards admissions success by engaging The MBA Exchange for an expert ding analysis.

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