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Client Testimonials

I have submitted [EMBA] applications to Wharton, Kellogg, and Booth and have completed my interview coaching. Working with Leah was an extremely positive experience and I valued her insights tremendously throughout the entire process. Regardless of how my candidacy works out, I truly saw the value of your services.

J., Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that I got into Booth, so thanks for all your help on those essays/ppt. Unfortunately, Kellogg gave me a “no” a few weeks ago after being on the waitlist, but I am OK with it. I’m deciding between Stern and Booth, so I’m in a good situation. Thanks, again, for all your help.

C., New York

I AM IN TUCK!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would like to personally thank you for your tremendous patience with my ramblings! I could not have achieved the outcome without your help and guidance. Interestingly this was my first application and top choice!!!!!!

A., India

I did not make it into any of the schools that I have applied to this year. But before you close the case on my file, I wanted to provide you with some feedback on my experience. At first, I honestly thought that your rate was very high relative to the value that I anticipated receiving. However, I was totally WRONG… Alex’s leadership and expertise during the engagement process was impeccable. He was very responsive to all my requests, and in all cases, exhibited a laser focused military precision in everything that he delivered to me. Overall, under his leadership, I was able to reflect on myself and learn much more than “just” applying to MBA programs. I want to thank you for this great opportunity and I am now a true believer in The MBA Exchange.

W., Rhode Island

For experienced professionals seeking to accelerate their careers, there is no better asset than an Executive MBA education from a top-tier school. We guide individuals who will be sponsored by their current employer as well as those who will be self-sponsored. The MBA Exchange consulting team has unequalled expertise and experience in helping EMBA applicants succeed.

For many working professionals, an Executive MBA (EMBA) degree is a better option than full-time or part-time. Classes typically meet on alternate weekends, with students also convening on campus for several weeks during the academic year. These individuals tend to be age 35+ and on the fast track at a major corporation or age 45+ and heading their own organization. In either case, the competition for admission is heated.

The MBA Exchange has helped applicants from a wide range of backgrounds gain entry to top-ranked EMBA programs including Wharton, Chicago Booth, Northwestern Kellogg, Columbia, Berkeley Haas and UCLA. For a free evaluation of your EMBA candidacy, please complete the evaluation request form.

Here's how our Comprehensive Consultation works for EMBA applicants:

Analysis and Planning

  • Client submits resume, grade transcript and additional background on candidacy and goals.
  • MBA Exchange analyzes this input to identify client's strengths and weaknesses, develops tactical action plan, and confirms target schools.
  • Client and MBA Exchange have a 90-minute teleconference to review candidacy, action plan and initial list of schools.
  • MBA Exchange and client use proprietary frameworks to develop authentic positioning that aligns with admissions criteria at each targeted school
  • MBA Exchange provides client with strategies, tactics, timeline, sample resume, and process requirements for recommendations and essays.
  • Client may request a 30-minute, personalized teleconference on post-MBA career planning and summer internships with a former career services professional from a top-5 business school at no charge.
  • Non-native English speaking clients may request an expert evaluation of their TOEFL skills.

Coaching and Guidance

  • Client implements actions identified and suggested by MBA Exchange during teleconference and in followup email.
  • MBA Exchange provides feedback, answers and alternatives to client via email and telephone.

Implementation and Support

  • Client updates resume and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange edits resume and returns it to client.
  • Client prepares recommendation input outlines and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on recommendation outlines.
  • Client prepares sponsorship letter and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on sponsorship letter.
  • Client prepares outline for essays for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on outline for essays for School #1.
  • Client prepares narrative draft based on final outline of essays for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review and editing. Mulitple iterations as needed.
  • MBA Exchange reviews and suggests improvements to narrative draft of essays for School #1.

Interview Preparation

  • MBA Exchange provides written strategies and tactics for successful admissions interviews.
  • Client reviews input and refines interview techniques.
  • Client has unlimited access to MBA Exchange online video-practice facility using 25 simulated interviews.
  • MBA Exchange provides real-time mock interview with critical/actionable feedback for each school that extends an invitation to interview.

Miscellaneous Coaching

  • As issues or questions arise, client gets MBA Exchange’s insights, suggestions and guidance.

For current pricing and any other questions, please email The MBA Exchange. To request, a free confidential evaluation of your EMBA candidacy, please complete and submit the EMBA Evaluation form.