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Client Testimonials

I wanted to share my good news with you. I got into Hastings! Thank you for your help in this process. I no longer have to worry about the schools still on my list that I don't care as much about. I am very happy and feel as though a weight has been lifted off me.

J., California

Sincere thanks for your invaluable help with the law school admissions process. With your sage insight and devoted personal attention, you helped me present myself in the best way possible in my application. I was accepted to Harvard Law School. It's been quite a journey, and the best part is -- we had fun doing it.

K., Maryland

The MBA Exchange provides the insights, guidance and support for admission to the best possible law schools. Our consulting team includes experienced JD graduates with the admissions expertise to help our clients pursue their goals.

The combination of degrees in law and business tells the world that the holder is someone ready to face and resolve almost any issue. Given the additional cost and time required, this is not the path for everyone. Only those whose career goals are relevant to this dual focus should pursue it. For those who decide that a JD/MBA is for them, it’s essential that they target the very best schools to ensure a return on that investment. 

The MBA Exchange has helped applicants from a wide range of backgrounds gain entry to top-ranked JD/MBA programs including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Penn, Northwestern and Chicago. For a free evaluation of your candidacy, please complete the appropriate evaluation request form.

Key components of our Comprehensive Consultation for JD admissions are:

Analysis and Planning

  • Client submits resume, grade transcript and additional background on candidacy and goals.
  • MBA Exchange analyzes this input to identify client's strengths and weaknesses, develop tactical action plan, and confirm target schools.
  • Client and MBA Exchange have a 90-minute teleconference to review candidacy, action plan and initial list of schools.
  • MBA Exchange provides client with strategies, tactics, timeline, sample resume, and process requirements for recommendations and personal statements.

Coaching and Guidance

  • Client implements specific actions identified and suggested by MBA Exchange during teleconference and in followup email.
  • MBA Exchange provides feedback, answers and alternatives to client via email and telephone.

Implementation and Support

  • Client updates resume and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange edits resume and returns it to client.
  • Client prepares recommendation input outlines and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on recommendation letter outlines.
  • Client prepares personal statement for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on outline for School #1.
  • Client prepares narrative draft based on final outline of personal statement for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review and editing.
  • MBA Exchange reviews and suggests improvements to narrative draft for School #1.

Interview Preparation

  • MBA Exchange provides written strategies and tactics for successful admissions interviews.
  • Client reviews input and refines interview techniques.
  • MBA Exchange provides mock interview with critical/actionable feedback.
  • Client has unlimited access to MBA Exchange’s exclusive, online video-practice facility to refine techniques prior to actual interviews.
  • Upenn and Michigan JD/MBA applicants may participate in our exclusive video practice sessions for team-based discussions.

Miscellaneous Coaching

  • As issues or questions arise, client gets MBA Exchange’s insights, suggestions and guidance.

For current pricing and any other questions, please email The MBA Exchange. To request, a free confidential evaluation of your Law School candidacy, please complete and submit the Evaluation form.