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The rigor and significance of standardized admissions tests can prompt feelings of nervousness, unease or apprehension that put your candidacy at risk. Our consulting services arm you with concrete and tangible skills, knowledge and tools that enable you to increase your test-taking performance by blocking tension, stress and anxiety.

Our proven process is customized, adaptive and based on your individual needs. You will learn to positively address hurdles that previously constrained you and acquire valuable techniques that are applicable well beyond the test. Knowing that our clients are busy with work, family, friends – and applications -- we communicate one-on-one by telephone or Skype.

Leading this practice is a licensed clinical psychologist skilled in diagnostic testing and counseling. Dr. James M. Spitalny is a respected and accomplished professional serving individuals, institutions and corporations over the past three decades. He holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Rutgers University, Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Ohio University.

So, if negative thoughts and feelings are impacting your test performance and future candidacy, please email us to request a free, confidential assessment by a licensed psychologist.


Here's what past clients have said...

“I sat for the test this morning and wanted to pass along the results. I reached my goal and scored well over the mean score for those very top schools to which I will be applying. I want to thank you for the assistance you provided. Without your tips, I could not have earned my 740 score.”

– Brian R.

“Dr. Spitalny, thank you for your help in easing my nerves before my interview with Tuck Business School. Prior to speaking with you and going over relaxation exercises I was both nervous and anxious. Your techniques allowed me to calmly and eloquently flow through the interview. I believe I portrayed myself as a strong, qualified applicant. Recently, I had an interview at the Wharton Business School. I utilized your techniques and feel I performed at my best. This morning I happily received an invitation to interview with the Johnson School at Cornell. I am confident that this too will go smoothly. Thank you for all your help!"

– Amanda L.

“Dr. Spitalny clearly understands how to help MBA candidates take the necessary steps to nail the test. In one phone conversation with Jim, I went from a 640 on my last Kaplan practice test to a 740 on the real thing. I actually walked into the test with a smile on my face.”

– Matt M.

“If you want the best with the best results, contact Dr. Spitalny as soon as possible.”

– Darren H.

“The tips and feedback Dr. Spitalny gave me are not just to address a particular problem at a certain time, but to manage every day of my life. I felt very comfortable talking to him, especially considering this was the first time for me to have this type of session. Although the skills require practice, the long lasting value is immense. Along with specific help with the GMAT, I have definitely improved the way I see things today and the way I feel about myself. I strongly recommend this very personalized service and you will always remember the tips and chats with Jim. It’s really worth it.”

– Adriana M.

“I would like to thank Dr. Spitalny for helping me get back to the basics and improve my everyday life. He taught me to handle stress under pressure intelligently, and not to confuse motivation for pressure. I have adopted several of the techniques into my daily routine. Dr. Spitalny’s advice affects my life in my daily routine and has also helped me improve my test scores considerably. Knowing Jim is on my side and is available to help me makes all the difference.”

– Larry C.

“Prior to Dr. Spitalny’s sessions, I had a hard time focusing on the test for extended periods of time. Because of my anxiety when sitting for the test, I failed to complete the sections and would often dwell on certain problems. Dr. Spitalny helped me through this with his sessions and after spending time with him, I raised my scores 100 points better on the exam! He gave me the tools and confidence necessary to score well on the test. However, the most important thing he did was provide me with a skill set to not only do well on the exam, but also to be successful in my professional and personal life. I would recommend using Dr. Spitalny 100%.”

– Robert K.

“Dr. Spitalny has been my performance coach for many years. He has an innate understanding and compassion rarely seen. As we continue the performance coaching, I have also asked him to be my life coach, with tremendous success---being the voice of reason, an empathetic ear, and most of all a trusted advisor.”

– James C.