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 Client Testimonials


"Just found out that Fuqua doubled my scholarship!!! Guess my shot in the dark paid off :D  Again, thanks for all your help! Couldn't have done all of this without you!"

R., Toronto

"I'm writing to give you some more exciting news re: my LBS application. I was offered a full scholarship so the only thing I have to worry about now is how to "kick-ass" (pardon my french) during the programme. Thanks again for helping me with such a fantastic application!"

D., London

"Stern not only offered me admission, it also offered me a faculty scholarship that covers full tuition and fees for two years. I'm very excited to start my MBA journey next year. Thank you for all of your help along the way."

D., Toronto

"I received $30,000 from [Kellogg]; $100,000 from Columbia; and $90,000 from UCLA."

V., Seattle


1-on-1 guidance for maximizing your merit-based scholarships, grants and fellowships

For MBA applicants who are simultaneously offered admission and merit-based financial aid, there’s a brief window during which to request an increase in the amount of aid. And for other applicants offered admission without any merit-based financial aid, that same window allows them the chance to request aid. In either case, applicants who receive admission to more than one school -- with our without aid -- have additional leverage to make their case.

Getting merit-based aid from a school requires a value proposition that makes the candidacy more attractive than those of other admits. The applicant must explain how his or her candidacy would uniquely benefit the school, even “suggesting” that insufficient aid could motivate him or her to decline admission and enroll elsewhere. Furthermore, all communications with the school must be diplomatic enough to avoid offending them to the point where they rescind a prior offer of financial aid or, even worse, admission.

Acting quickly and decisively is essential since each school has a limited, annual budget that is depleted as each admit accepts aid and commits to enroll. So, the longer it takes to request or negotiate aid, the slimmer your chances of actually receiving it.

Given the substantial risks and rewards of this process, an MBAMoney Consultation with The MBA Exchange is a wise choice for any admitted applicant.



This is a 1-on-1 engagement with an experienced consultant who has documented success in helping applicants maximize their merit-based aid. The process consists of two components:

1.     Confirmation of Potential Aid

• Consultant reviews admission/financial aid offer letter from target school. 
• Consultant provides school-specific data on policy and process for awarding merit-based aid.
• Consultant and client prepare customized inquiry to the school confirming availability of and consideration for      initial/incremental aid.


2.       Analysis, Planning & Implementation (if school confirms potential for initial/incremental aid)

• Consultant evaluates client's application, questionnaire and other materials as requested.
• Consultant/client have telephone or Skype session to determine strategies and tactics to maximize potential aid.
• Consultant reviews and provides actionable guidance on subsequent communications to/from the school.
• Consultant reviews and provides feedback on additional essay or other materials, if required by the school. 


Doing nothing could cost you thousands of dollars in potential aid. Or doing the wrong thing could put your candidacy in jeopardy. We’re here to help applicants like you maximize the merit-based aid they receive. To determine if an MBAMoney Consultation is right for you, email us today.  We also invite you to view a recording of our free webinar on "How to Get Merit-based Aid from Top Business Schools