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"You guys have been great throughout and, regardless of my outcome, I will definitely recommend MBA Exchange to anyone I know going through the process!"

J., Canada

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The top 20 business schools admit only a fraction of applicants each year -- ranging from less than 8% to a high of 30%. The modest percentage accepted -- and the solid credentials of many rejected applicants -- confirms that being "qualified" is not enough to ensure admission these days. Regardless of your GMAT, GPA or professional credentials, you need a customized strategy and action plan to convince the schools why they should select you over other applicants with similar or even stronger credentials.

The MBA Exchange has CPA verification that the vast majoriy of our Comprehensive Consultation clients gain admission to one or more of their targeted schools. This performance is even more significant because we welcome clients who are not "perfect" candidates; most have some constraint or flaw in their MBA candidacy -- professional, academic and/or personal. We help them overcome these issues and succeed -- even  "miracles" like the six clients we helped gain admission to top MBA programs despite lacking undergraduate degrees!