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If you -- or your recommenders -- are non-native English speakers, you can make your MBA applications more accurate and competitive through professional translation.

Leading business schools recognize the appropriateness of engaging a translator for certain elements of the application. For example:


"When providing uploaded transcripts for the application, all course names must be translated into English before submission. An unofficial translation is acceptable in your initial written application."


"Your letter of reference should be submitted in English. If you think your English is not sufficient to convey complex ideas, write the letter in your native language, and then have it translated into English. The translation can be performed by a friend, colleague, or a paid service — but not by the applicant or the applicant’s friend or family member."


"We understand if your recommender's native language is not English it can pose some difficulty. He is welcome to use a translation service and submit that to us, in addition to the recommendation in his native language. We do have to have a version in English, and unfortunately, it cannot come from you as the applicant." 


Now there's a cost-effective translation service with the experience, skills and ethics to address the unique needs of MBA applicants. Introducing our exclusive partner Verbalizeit.

Verbalizeit's qualified and vetted translators preserve the true voice and quality of the client, have expertise spanning 150 languages and 50 industries, and promise timely turnaround time (24-48 hours). Quality assurance includes back translation, spell-check and formatting. The MBA Exchange has provided training for their translators on the priorities, sensitivities and expectations of today's MBA applicants.

You or your recommenders simply upload the original document to Verbalizeit's secure, cloud-based translation platform, receive an instant price quote for approval, and initiate the translation process. Or Verbalizeit can work with you by telephone.

For a limited time, new Comprehensive Consultation clients of The MBA Exchange can receive a free trial of Verbalizeit's translation services. For more information, email us today.