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Accent Reduction Services

At the world’s top business school, the process for gaining admission – from informal dialogue with students to the all-important admissions interview – demands strong skills in spoken English. Schools expect that students will confidently and effectively contribute and interact — inside and outside the classroom — in clear English.

To help non-native English speakers reduce their accents effectively and efficiently prior to their admissions interviews, The MBA Exchange can introduce you to optional coaching services. You’ll work with experts to develop a standard, regional American accent — characteristic of Midwestern or West Coast speakers — so that you are more easily understood and capable of communicating with confidence.

You can choose from three packages, depending on your needs, timing and budget:

2-Session Package: Your Coach will identify and help address your immediate needs for an admissions interview scheduled within the next 2 weeks.

5-Session Package: Additional emphasis on pronunciation and word-stress patterns to more fully prepare for a future admissions interview.

10-Session Package: Includes the above plus professional study materials to help you reduce your accent for two future interviews.

To request your FREE, no-obligation 15-minute accent evaluation and consultation, or just to learn more about these services and prices, email The MBA Exchange.