June 14, 1999

Among the finer offerings for prospective MBA students is The MBA Exchange, a full-service consultancy that provides an exacting assessment of candidates in order to match them with appropriate schools and programs. According to Managing Director, Dan Bauer, MBA Exchange’s consultants are all graduates of Harvard (no less) and are–as we say in the sticks–loaded for bear. They are aided by proprietary software designed to search out the 5-10 business schools that best fit a client’s needs and qualifications (and that are most likely to accept a given candidate).

Once identified, the admissions habits of these schools are analyzed and charted so that candidates know precisely how to set up strategies for acceptance. Bauer holds, also, that MBA Exchange maintains contacts with a number of schools so that they can go “beyond the published data to identify current recruitment priorities and opportunities.”

The service promises to carefully guide candidates through the application process, providing help with personal statements and interview strategies. Moreover, the consultancy includes a complete follow through in that clients, once accepted, will continue to receive advice on their curriculum decisions and help in shaping their short and long term professional choices.

MBA Exchange’s web site offers a classy presentation of services, but one wonders what ballpark (or polo ground) they’re playing in. (Also, to beat an old drum, I wish that they provided more links to non-competitors, but, alas, the roach motel model seems to be winning the day in the online educational service industry.)

These minor grumps aside, MBA Exchange is a must view for those starting up a search for B-School or MBA programs. I get the feeling that these guys really know what they’re doing.