Case Study #6: Re-applicant

Applicant Profile for “Adam” (not his real name)

Academic: Engineering major at a top 50-ranked university in the US. Graduated with a 3.9 overall GPA
Professional: 4 years of experience as an investment banker, including a 2-year assignment in London
Non-work activities: Tutor for underprivileged children
GMAT: 760
Post-MBA goal: Entrepreneurship or hedge-fund management
Target schools: Stanford, INSEAD, Columbia and Kellogg

The MBA Exchange’s Solution

Adam does not have any feedback on his rejected applications to his target schools. Because of his high GPA, GMAT, and strong professional experience, he does not understand how he can improve candidacy and has asked The MBA Exchange to work with him on his reapplications.

We analyzed his old applications and considered other elements of Adam’s candidacy beyond his GMAT and GPA, such as career goals and extracurricular activities, to determine why he was not offered admission. We guided Adam in how to approach the schools to get some “unofficial” feedback on his candidacy. We then reviewed our experience with past clients who had similar profiles and goals, and devised the following four-part strategy to strengthen his candidacy for the following year:

– Gain as much actionable feedback as possible from the schools that rejected the original application.
– Narrow and then elaborate on post-MBA goal, then link it to “why MBA”, and “why this school” to more clearly connect school offerings with his future.
– Expand non-work involvement beyond tactical role as tutor by organizing and leading a tutoring network.
– Develop relationships with alumni and current students at target schools to gain personal insights as to his fit with the MBA program.

Applicant’s Outcome/Results

Following our advice, Adam developed and articulated a more specific career path for achieving his goals. He also pursued a leadership role at the tutoring organization and became very active in a second nonprofit organization about whose cause he felt passionate. His meetings and conversations with students and alumni at each of his target schools provided more detailed and differentiated content for essays and interviews. We worked diligently with Adam to optimally position the improvements in his candidacy to the admissions committee, and we helped him align his strengths with the selection criteria at his targeted schools. Adam was ultimately offered admission to London Business School, Wharton, and Columbia.

In order to capitalize on our experience and advice as Adam did, The MBA Exchange invites prospective clients to contact us for free, preliminary evaluation up to a year before they apply to business school. Engaging us for a Comprehensive Consultation will allow you time and proven strategies to strengthen your candidacy and then to prepare more compelling applications that maximize your chances for admission.

Client Comments

“When I got rejected from several business schools the first time I applied, I was so disappointed – not to mention confused given my high numbers and solid experience as an investment banker. My consultant from The MBA Exchange carefully reviewed all of my rejected applications and analyzed my background to understand why I was not offered admission – and then identified ways to strengthen my application for the next year, that I certainly would not have thought of on my own. Thanks to these efforts I got into London Business School, Wharton, and Columbia.”