Admissions Consulting

M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

Master of Public Policy (MPP) or Master of Public Administration (MPA)

If managing programs that serve the public good – or defining policy to drive those programs – is your goal, an MPP or MPA may be a defining step in your career advancement. From leading a non-profit organization, NGO or government agency, to reporting on legislative actions or promoting environmental policy reform, MPA/MPP graduates can build varied, successful public service careers.

The MBA Exchange delivers guidance and insights that will maximize your chances of admission to the world’s finest graduate schools. Our consulting team includes experienced public affairs grads with admissions expertise to help our clients realize their dreams and make a tangible difference in the world.

It’s essential that applicants maximize the return on their investment by targeting top-tier programs such as Harvard’s Kennedy School and Princeton’s Wilson School. The MBA Exchange has helped applicants from a wide range of backgrounds gain entry to such graduate schools around the world. So, if you’re contemplating a career in public service, please request a free evaluation of your candidacy.

Key components of our Comprehensive Consultation for MPP or MPA admissions are:

Analysis and Planning

  • Client submits resume, transcripts, and additional background on candidacy and goals.
  • MBA Exchange analyzes this input to identify client’s strengths and weaknesses, develop tactical action plan, and confirm target schools.
  • Client may request an audit of his or her “social-media profile” to identify content in need of immediate attention/action.
  • Client and MBA Exchange have 90-minute teleconference to review candidacy, action plan and initial list of schools.
  • MBA Exchange provides client with strategies, tactics, timeline, sample resume, and process requirements for recommendations and personal statements.

Coaching and Guidance

  • Client implements specific actions identified and suggested by MBA Exchange during teleconference and in follow-up email correspondence.
  • MBA Exchange provides feedback, answers and alternatives to client via email and telephone throughout the application process.

Application Support

  • Client updates resume and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange edits resume and returns it to client.
  • Client prepares recommendation letter outlines and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on recommendation letter outlines.
  • Client prepares personal statement for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on personal statement for School #1.
  • Client prepares essays for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on essays for School #1.

Interview Preparation

  • MBA Exchange provides written strategies and tactics for successful admissions interviews (if applicable).
  • Client reviews input and refines interview techniques.
  • Client has unlimited access to MBA Exchange online video-practice facility using simulated interviews.
  • MBA Exchange provides mock interview with critical/actionable feedback.

Miscellaneous Coaching

  • As issues or questions arise, client gets MBA Exchange’s insights, suggestions and guidance.

We invite you to complete and submit the MPP or MPA Evaluation form. For current pricing and any other questions, please Contact Us.