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Problem: Test Anxiety that Constrains Success

Do you find it difficult to raise your test scores, even after extensive studying and tutoring? Many MBA applicants have feelings of nervousness, unease or apprehension that interferes with their ability to achieve test scores that reflect their true potential. Such anxiety can emerge for a variety of reasons:

  • Past negative experiences with test taking can spark current feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • Once stress and anxiety appear, a fear of re-experiencing those feelings can prompt more anxiety. The resulting “fear of fear” can constrain learning and performance.
  • Negative expectations – expressed in inner thoughts, mental pictures and physical symptoms – can reinforce poor performance.
  • Similar symptoms in parents or siblings can confirm a biological/genetic component to one’s stress and anxiety.
  • Self-esteem issues, especially for high achieving and perfection-oriented individuals, can prompt self-doubt and fear of failure.

Solution: Specialized Counseling by a Test Anxiety Expert

Dr. James Spitalny has more than three decades of success in helping individuals overcome test anxiety. Through 1:1 sessions and real-time interventions, Dr. Spitalny will design an individualized, easy to implement program that will ease your nervousness, apprehension or unease and build your confidence in as little as a few weeks. His counseling will enable you to understand and control your test anxiety and significantly improve test scores – up to 100 points above previous attempts.

A licensed clinical psychologist skilled in diagnostic testing and counseling, Dr. Spitalny has advised individuals, institutions and corporations around the world. He holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Rutgers University, a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ohio University.

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Dr. Jim understands how to help MBA candidates take the necessary steps to nail the test. In one phone conversation with Jim, I went from a 640 on my last Kaplan practice test to a 740 on the real thing. I actually walked into the test with a smile on my face.

– Matt M.

You taught me to handle stress under pressure intelligently, and not to confuse motivation for pressure. I have adopted several of the techniques into my daily routine. Your advice affects my life in my daily routine and has also helped me improve my scores considerably. Knowing you’re on my side and available to help me makes all the difference.

– Larry C.
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Because of my anxiety when sitting for the test, I failed to complete the sections and would often dwell on certain problems. You gave me the tools and confidence necessary to score well on the test. However, the most important thing you did was provide me with a skill set to not only do well on the exam, but also to be successful in my professional and personal life.

– Robert K.