“The MBA Exchange methodology… is fabulous.”

March 11 2023 By The MBA Exchange
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With all of the excitement of getting into HBS, I totally forgot to thank you for all of your help. I think back to our initial calls and you never doubted that my credentials/experiences/abilities would get me into a top 5 school.. this was the number one reason I chose The MBA Exchange. You were always prompt in answering my initial questions, even if I sent them at 11pm. Moreover, you took the time to hear my concerns and addressed them. As for the MBA Exchange methodology. It is fabulous. You got to know me well enough to match me with the perfect consultant for me and I got into my top choice program because of her. My consultant has a lot of patience and helped me get to the important details of me that needed to be brought out. She was never pushy and always reminded me that her recommendations could be accepted or rejected and that my application was my own. I will be referring the MBA Exchange to all of my friends who are applying to b-school in the future. Most importantly, thank you again for all of your help, support, and expertise that helped get me into HBS!