M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

Why Choose Us? Here’s why serious applicants choose The MBA Exchange over other firms!

First firm with admissions success and client satisfaction that are independently verified
Any consulting firm can claim a high success rate and client satisfaction — and most do. However, without independent verification, such claims should be ignored. At The MBA Exchange, our performance has been independently verified and reported by a respected Certified Public Accounting firm from the BDO Seidman international alliance (www.BDO.com). They surveyed our clients and gathered written confirmation of results. As the first firm in the admissions consulting industry to provide such proof of performance, The MBA Exchange’s success rate is the one you can believe and trust. Any consulting firm that disregards or disrespects the importance of independent verification is trying to rationalize not having such proof of its own. Furthermore, we are fully accredited with an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau, which has recognized us for having a perfect, complaint-free record of client satisfaction. We also implement a client satisfaction survey to ensure that our service lives up to the highest expectations; most of our clients tell us that they would proudly introduce The MBA Exchange to their friends, relatives and associates. And that’s exactly what they do!
Daily access and responses in 24 hours or less
We know that you have a full-time job, a family and a social life. So, The MBA Exchange remains accessible seven days a week, including evenings and holidays. Client emails are responded to within 24 hours, typically faster, and often immediately. Phone appointments can be scheduled as needed. Bottom line: The MBA Exchange is here for you. Other firms can take as long as “two business days” to reply.
Focus on advising YOU instead of your competitors
Unlike some other consulting firms, we don’t give free, personalized admissions guidance via blogs, podcasts and online forums that benefit applicants competing against our clients. We also don’t publish $10 “insider” guides or books that would reveal to the masses our proven strategies and tactics. Such self-promotion only dilutes the effectiveness of advice by helping thousands of other applicants. At The MBA Exchange, our sole focus is on you and your admissions success. Our expertise becomes your competitive advantage in truly differentiating your candidacy. We put our customized guidance to work exclusively for the benefit of each client on our limited roster — not thousands of their competitors.
Strategic audit of your online social-media presence
It’s a fact that business schools use the Internet to screen and vet applicants. The MBA Exchange features experienced, online research specialists who examine and evaluate how MBA admissions officers, recommenders, interviewers, alumni, students and other “influencers” would perceive you based on your presence at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites. And it’s not just what you post, but also what has been posted by others about you — or about those with similar names — that could hurt your chances for MBA admission. The MBA Exchange is the first admissions consulting firm to offer this valuable, confidential, personalized service for MBA applicants.
Personalized coaching from a top MBA Career Services expert
Our clients can have a 1-to-1 private consultation on their post-MBA career goal with a former career services professional from a ranked business school. For those who are uncertain of exactly what they want to do after MBA graduation, we help them understand opportunities, obstacles, employers and industries. We provide actionable insights on first-year summer internships and second-year recruiting. This is an exclusive offering only at The MBA Exchange.
Experience in MBA admissions and real-world business
Our consultants are former MBA admissions officers or MBA graduates of Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, Chicago Booth, Dartmouth Tuck, Northwestern Kellogg, NYU Stern, Cornell Johnson, Duke Fuqua, INSEAD, London Business School and other top schools. We proudly describe their credentials and experience on our website so you know in advance the caliber and quality of our team. These professionals are committed exclusively to The MBA Exchange and to your admissions success.
Exclusive prep and simulation for Wharton and Ross team-based discussion
Wharton and Michigan Ross applicants face a “team-based discussion” in addition to the traditional admissions interview. They interact with fellow applicants in discussing real-world business scenarios, which highlights how they approach and analyze specific situations. The MBA Exchange offers an innovative and exclusive service to help Wharton and Ross applicants perform at their best. Our service features password protected, fully-encrypted video conferences for groups of 4 to 6 applicants. These anonymous video sessions are administered by veteran MBA graduates and former admissions professionals with prior experience assessing, advising and/or interviewing Wharton applicants. The service is offered at no additional charge as part of our comprehensive admissions consultation.
The accountability of a lead consultant and the school-specific knowledge of a team
At The MBA Exchange, you get the best of both worlds – the continuity and accountability of a dedicated lead consultant AND the school-specific knowledge of an entire team. Based on background, goals and chemistry, each client is carefully matched with a lead consultant who has experience and success with the schools being targeted. As confirmed by our verified performance, the best results come from working with one lead consultant who knows you and your candidacy intimately, advising you on how to refine your positioning and messaging for each targeted school. Otherwise, your candidacy can become fragmented and unfocused as you are shuffled among less experienced, less committed “specialists.” At The MBA Exchange, your lead consultant has access to colleagues anytime that a second opinion would be beneficial to your candidacy. So you get the intimate 1-on-1 service of a boutique AND the breadth and depth of an established company.
Essay support that respects, protects and leverages your unique voice
Unlike other firms, we have a dedicated team of essay editors. So every set is reviewed and refined by at least two professionals. With years of experience and success in refining essays, they understand business and business schools — some even have MBA degrees. The MBA Exchange never jeopardizes the ethics or authenticity of your essays by replacing your unique voice with ours. Every set is thoughtfully reviewed for quality, impact and differentiation — from an admissions-committee perspective — by our skilled professionals before they are returned to you.
Real-time updates, training and development for consultants
Training and development for our admissions consultants is individualized rather than institutionalized. Instead of waiting for weekly or monthly team meetings, we communicate on a real-time basis to make sure they remain current on today’s admissions topics, changes and trends. With 12 former MBA admissions officers, we understand what your targeted school expects in an applicant. The overly standardized, mandated techniques at some other firms can produce applications with predictability and sameness that actually jeopardize an applicant’s chances for admission. Instead, we take a more flexible approach that combines proven frameworks, real-time market intelligence, and the uniqueness of each client/consultant match.
Broad business background and cross-cultural savvy
Our team includes seasoned business professionals with the knowledge, maturity and experience to help differentiate you from your competitors — even applicants with similar career and academic histories. Regardless of your industry or function, our consultants have either worked in it, consulted to it, or helped MBA applicants from it to crack the top b-schools. Some of our consultants are full-time while others have complementary business interests. Their real-world, real-time business experience adds freshness and energy than can’t be matched by firms that rely on so-called “staff” consultants who can become stale and out of touch with today’s rapidly changing workplace and marketplace. Furthermore, our consultants are based in 11 countries and serve clients from over 70 countries worldwide. We understand the nuances and subtleties of your nationality, ethnicity and culture. We help you show the b-schools that you understand, value and embrace diversity regardless of how “diverse” you are.
Extensive knowledge base of 5,000+ previous applicants
During the past 3 decades of applicant assessments and client engagements, The MBA Exchange has built a huge, dynamic knowledge base of aggregated information on the applicant pool. Because we’re the only MBA admissions consulting organization that has offered such extensive assessments and services over such a long period, the quality and value of our understanding is unmatched. The MBA Exchange knows what works and what doesn’t, and we put that knowledge to work for your success.
Proprietary frameworks, customized strategies, and proven tools to optimize your candidacy
When you work with The MBA Exchange, you get more than just our time and experience. Clients also have use of proprietary tools, frameworks and resources that we’ve developed and refined based on actual admissions results. Specifically, we introduce the criteria used in the admissions process by top business schools. We then help our clients reflect those criteria in their professional, personal and academic profiles. We guide them through framing and positioning their stories, while evaluating and critiquing the strength of the presentation. Our approach ensures that your candidacy is authentic, compelling and differentiated. Our documented success rate confirms impact and efficacy.
Global network of resources
We are far more than an “admissions consulting service.” As our name implies, The MBA Exchange is a true network. Based on the high-trust relationships we build with our clients, many of them choose to keep in contact with us while attending b-school. This gives us a real-time pipeline into current trends and practices in MBA admissions — actionable information that benefits our current clients. As an MBA Exchange client, you instantly become a beneficiary of this valuable network. In fact, six of our consultants are former clients who went on to attend top business schools, gain admissions experience, and then return to The MBA Exchange to help others follow in their footsteps.
Complete, comprehensive, ethical services
The MBA Exchange offers the complete process for admissions success: from critical assessment of your candidacy, to strategic positioning, to action planning, to recommendation strategy, to essay advice and refinement, to interview preparation, to final application review, to coaching after applications are submitted — even through waitlist. We have been scrutinized by the top professional associations and we adhere strictly to their ethics codes. We help you optimize your profile with clarity, differentiation and impact. Anything less limits your chances for admission and puts your MBA candidacy at risk. We’re the only MBA admissions consulting firm that meets the standards of every major professional association for membership or accreditation. This list includes: National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (www.nagap.org); Association of Independent Graduate Admissions Consultants (www.aigac.org); Higher Education Consultants Association (www.hecaonline.org); Independent Education Consultants Association (www.iecaonline.org); and the Better Business Bureau (www.chicago.bbb.org).
Free guidance and support for your spouse, partner or significant other
The challenges surrounding MBA admissions, and the b-school experience itself, can be stressful for those around you. At no extra charge, The MBA Exchange provides a one-on-one consultation with your spouse, partner or significant other to help him or her understand the application/admissions process and enjoy the anticipated MBA experience.
Superior value at a competitive rate
Our one-time, flat fee and liberal time allocation ensure the attention and access that your candidacy deserves. Other firms may promise “unlimited” access” but then disappear when you need help most — as application deadlines near. At The MBA Exchange, you know from day one what you will pay and what you will receive. Clients consistently tell us that our Comprehensive Consultation is the best value in the admissions consulting marketplace.
Objective, personalized guidance on test prep tutors and resources
If you have not yet achieved your desired score on the GMAT, GRE, LSAT or TOEFL test, then The MBA Exchange can help. Over the years, we’ve learned which prep providers are the most effective. Whether you prefer individual, group or online consultation, we can introduce you to the ideal resource for your needs and budget. We even have access to professionals who can help you overcome test anxiety or reduce a heavy accent so you can perform at the highest level. Our advice is provided solely in your best interest, with no compensation in return.