Size matters when choosing an MBA admissions consulting firm

October 12 2013 By The MBA Exchange
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A firm that’s too big treats you like a ‘number’ and fails to deliver the high-touch service that your candidacy deserves.A firm that’s too small lacks the resources to provide the truly comprehensive guidance and support that your candidacy needs.

So, how can you tell when an admissions firm is… just right? It’s the one that offers you these 8 attributes:

1. Customized matches: You want the chance to consider several potential consultants with various professional, academic, cultural and personal profiles rather than being “assigned” arbitrarily.

2. Global footprint: You want a firm that offers consultants whose daily availability aligns with yours, no matter where you live.

3. Low ratio of clients-to-consultants: You want a firm that never overloads its consultants with so many clients that it can lead to burnout or unavailability.

4. A roster of specialists: You deserve a firm that includes professionals with expertise in areas such as essay editing, video essay delivery, test anxiety counseling, career coaching, background verification, etc.

5. 24-hour or faster response: You need a firm that is there for you and understands the stress of being an applicant, especially as application deadlines approach.

6. Direct involvement by the CEO: You want a firm where the senior professional is visible, involved and available – before, during and after the consultation.

7. Backup support — just in case: You need a firm that can immediately and seamlessly provide you with a highly qualified replacement consultant if there’s ever an unexpected issue due to health, family, etc.

8. Independently verified success & satisfaction: You deserve a firm that has been around long enough, and worked with enough clients, that its performance is proven over time.

So, when you’re shopping and comparing MBA admissions consulting, ask how they measure up to those 8 criteria. They’ll respect you for knowing what you want and need, and they’ll value your trust and confidence from day one. Don’t settle!