M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

About The MBA Exchange

Results. Value. Let’s go.

One of our strengths is how serious we are about delivering results. It can also mean we’re not necessarily the best fit for every single applicant type. There’s no harm in that. We would prefer to represent ourselves faithfully, and for anyone wants to work with a “let’s get to work, follow my lead” consultant at the helm, great. Let’s ride into the sunset together.

Our consultants are highly knowledgable, highly seasoned, and highly committed to performing at standards well established by the world’s top performing firms and institutions. After all, that’s where our consultants are used to hanging out. We bring that level of professionalism to our client work, and demand that same level of quality from our clients. That’s what makes us as successful as we have been for over 25 years.

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