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What Makes Us The Best in The Business?

Our process and our experience drive results. One of our strengths is how serious we are about that. In fact, our intensity can mean we’re not the best fit for every applicant type. If you want to work hard, and if you follow our lead, we’re confident that we can do some really great things together.

93% Our clients who are admitted to 1+ of their top-choice schools
6% Potential consultants who we interviewed that met our requirements. Of those, 99% accepted our offer.
95% Clients with 700+ GMAT, Age 22-26 admitted to 1+ top choice school
27 Year History

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable, highly seasoned, and highly committed to performing at standards well established by the world’s top-performing firms and institutions. (After all, that’s where they spend their careers.) We bring that level of professionalism to our client work, and demand that same level of quality from our clients. This contributes to making us incredibly successful since 1996.

“We have made excellent progress so far, and the application is not daunting to me at all — I actually enjoy The MBA Exchange’s candidacy building and application development process tremendously and know that we are very close to producing a high quality, finished product.”

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Our Story

During the past three decades of applicant assessments and mentorship, The MBA Exchange has built a huge, dynamic knowledge base of aggregated information on the global applicant pool. Because we’re the only MBA admissions consulting organization that has offered such extensive services over such a long period, the quality and value of our understanding is simply unmatched. The MBA Exchange knows what works and what doesn’t, and we put that knowledge to work for your success.

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The focus of a single lead consultant and the school-specific knowledge of an entire army.

With us, you get the best of both worlds – the continuity and accountability of a dedicated lead consultant AND the school-specific knowledge of an entire team. We’re not fans of the approach that over-indexes alma mater matches per application (it’s not a winning strategy). Based on background, goals and chemistry, we match potential clients with a single lead consultant who is best positioned to lead that specific client to the winner’s circle.


Our Philosophy

At The MBA Exchange, your lead consultant has access to colleagues for key second opinions throughout the service. Most consulting firms are siloed – not us. Here, you get the intimate boutique feel from 1-on-1 service and the breadth and depth of an entire company backing it.

And let’s talk about “success.” Any consulting firm can claim a high success rate and client satisfaction – and most do. Our performance has been independently verified and reported by a respected Certified Public Accounting firm from the BDO Seidman international alliance (www.BDO.com). They surveyed our clients and gathered written confirmation of results. As the first firm in the industry to provide such proof of performance, our success rate is the one you can believe and trust.

We are results- and value-oriented – before, during and after you apply to business school. Our core values include integrity, candor and responsiveness. When you work with us, you get not just our time, but a deep commitment to fulfilling the highest professional standards.

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