“Just want to share the good news that I’ve been admitted to Stanford GSB R2 as well – heard back just this morning. Thank you for all your help with the Stanford application! Regardless of where I eventually decide to go for this fall, I have no doubt that the self-reflecting time spent on the Stanford essays was a time well spent. :-)”
“Thank you for all your support through the application/waiting process. I realize I was a bit neurotic and confused at times. I wouldn’t have pulled it together without your help.”

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We are proud of our success rate, but what really motivates us is delivering a transformative experience that pays off beyond the acceptance letter.

3 for 3 [Booth, Kellogg and Wharton]! I just got off the phone with Wharton and they are going to extend me an acceptance offer. Thank you again for you services. I obviously couldn’t have been any happier, regardless of the outcome.
I would like to thank you for helping my brother get into HBS. It was like a dream come true and surely would not have been possible without your help. My family owes it all to you. Even in our wildest dreams we didn’t expect him to get into Harvard.
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