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JD/MBA Dual Degree

The presence of these letters after your name tells the world that you are someone who is ready to face and resolve almost any business or legal issue.
The JD/MBA dual degree requires additional cost and time. But the realities of a career that straddles both realms make it essential. Lawyers must confront business strategy, and business leaders regularly navigate issues around risk, compliance and regulatory demands. Not for the faint of heart.

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Our tried and true method of JD/MBA success.

Cracking competitive JD/MBA programs–which require a demanding mix of legal and business coursework–comes down to articulating your individual value proposition more effectively than your closest competitor. Successful candidates are ambitious, focused students who have a clear career path in mind and know that a JD/MBA will be central to their success. In order to achieve optimal individuation, a structured, highly methodical approach to an application campaign is most effective. We have engineered a process––honed over two decades––that forces the right kind of self-analysis and career path exploration to elicit insights that will matter most to admissions committees and generate positive outcomes.

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Our services and pricing.

We have carefully designed multiple service options to support JD/MBA applicants a wide variety of needs and budgets.

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Our consultants.

Professional. Experienced. Reliable. Our experts have worked at the highest levels in professional arenas and bring that same standard to admissions consulting.

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Our success is your success.

Our disciplined approach that combines experience plus methodology yields a customized admission strategy for every applicant type.

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Your future starts now.

Our process begins with a free consultation for us to get to know each other, to ensure that your needs align with our style and offerings.

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