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Meet Our MBA Admissions Consultants: Rebecca Maescher

February 10 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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Rebecca Maescher is an MBA graduate of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where she evaluated applications and interviewed candidates as a Dean’s Admissions Fellow. An accomplished business writer, she has advised many candidates on their applications to top business schools, resulting in their acceptances. Rebecca’s professional experience includes strategy consulting for executives in the financial services, retail, and entertainment industries; program management for an education nonprofit organization; and operations for The White House. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

“Describe your most rewarding experience as an admissions consultant?”
Seeing my clients’ confidence and writing improve throughout the process is extremely rewarding. Often, a client feels a lot of trepidation when writing the first essay drafts. Upon completing those essays and moving to the next school, I notice a lot of progress in writing style and storytelling ability. With each successive essay, I see more and more improvement, and the client expresses increasing confidence in his/her abilities. It’s extremely gratifying to be even a small part of helping my clients become better writers, as I know this is a skill that will benefit them during and well beyond their MBA program.

“Which 3 adjectives best describe your approach to admissions consulting?”
Sincere, meticulous, and direct.

“What is the most critical component of a successful admissions campaign?”
Demonstrating insightfulness and maturity. This is best shown through honest self-reflection and sharing your motivations—e.g. not simply saying that you are passionate about something, but why you are passionate about it. This gives the AdComm a much stronger understanding of your personality and what drives you. A willingness to discuss past mistakes and how you learned from them is also incredible evidence of growth and maturity.

“What is your most treasured memory from having been an MBA student yourself?”
While seemingly trivial, one memory that stands out is the reaction of my classmates when I broke my wrist during our school’s Ski and Snowboard trip. I could not write for two months, and I was very worried about how to keep up with my coursework. However, I was immediately overwhelmed with classmates offering to lend me their class notes and help in any way they could. Their support completely debunked the stereotype of b-school students as being cutthroat and competitive. Of course, I would be remiss not to mention also meeting my now-husband at Booth!

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