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“Too early” to start your MBA admissions campaign?

May 27 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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The day to begin your admissions campaign is the day you tell yourself, “I’m going to attend a top business school someday!”

That moment could occur as early as your freshman year in college, if and when you find yourself intellectually engaged in an academic major you love, and frame a vision for a career that would benefit from having an MBA education. Or it might happen when you’re well into your career, perhaps even with a family to support, when you realize that your current trajectory will fall short of your highest potential unless you get a top b-school degree. However, for most applicants, that “moment of truth” hits them a few years after college graduation.

Whenever it hits you, putting that epiphany into action is a very wise move. Gaining admission to a selective institution requires far more than just completing an application. The underlying candidacy has to be refined and truly competitive. It can take months, sometimes even years, to fully optimize your personal, academic and professional profile.

What’s the first step in this journey? Get an expert evaluation of your MBA qualifications and aspirations. This will help you understand which strengths you can leverage, which gaps you need to fill, which vulnerabilities you need to mitigate, and which target schools are within reach.