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The “A-to-Z” of MBA Admission: Part 1 of 3

September 11 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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Welcome to our 3-part series!

What are the core attributes of a winning MBA candidacy? Here’s A-H…

A is for AUTHENTICITY: Sincerity, originality and accuracy.

B is for BOLDNESS: Confidence, self-awareness and a willingness to take risks.

C is for CLARITY: Logic, specificity and precision.

D is for DETERMINATION: Focus, persistence, and drive.

E is for ETHICS: Honesty, fairness and reciprocity.

F is for FEELINGS: Caring, compassion and instincts.

G is for GLOBALITY: Thinking beyond your industry, country and culture.

H is for HUMOR: Being able to laugh, especially at yourself.

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