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How to get the most value from your MBA admissions consultant

December 8 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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Like any investment, you’re seeking to maximize the return when you engage a professional advisor for your business school admissions campaign. Here are 5 ways to ensure that your ROI meets expectations.

1. Trust
You had a choice of numerous admissions consulting resources, but chose one. You asked a lot of tough questions before making your choice. You invested your dear dollars, but — even more importantly — your hopes in engaging this advisor. Your consultant has helped other applicants to achieve their goals. So, now it’s time to have confidence that you’ve made the right choice and that the guidance and support will prove effective. At The MBA Exchange, when we match you with a consultant, you can be certain that he or she has reviewed your background and goals, and really wants to be your partner.

2. Listen
If you want to hear only praise, or to have your own strategies rubberstamped, you’ll be disappointed. In fact, if that’s what happens, you have selected the wrong advisor. Your consultant is going to tell you what’s wrong with your candidacy and what to do about it. Take it to heart. Objectivity, candor and bluntness are valuable assets. By listening to the observations, feedback and advice of your consultant, you’ll discover opportunities for personal and professional growth that go beyond applying to business school.

3. Speak Up
The world of MBA admissions is filled with jargon. And this is a realm that most applicants never experience until they are immersed in preparing applications. So, if your consultant mentions a concept or topic that you find confusing, ask for clarification immediately. Otherwise, he or she will assume that you “get it.” At The MBA Exchange, our approach is highly collaborative. Your consultant welcomes your thoughts and questions at every step.

4. Be Thorough
The advice you receive is intended to help you achieve MBA admission. Disregarding portions of this guidance is very risky. If you find that you don’t have the time to pursue the suggested tactics, or feel tempted to skip steps and cut corners, let your advisor know so he or she can help. Just like an architect’s blueprint or a chef’s recipe, leaving out key elements of your admissions campaign is going to hurt the end product — in this case, your candidacy. Our proven process has been developed and constantly refined over the past 18 years. Your consultant’s counsel is based on positive results.

5. Pace Yourself
There’s a lot of stress surrounding business school applications. The pressure of competition and deadlines can weigh heavily on your mind. The best way to minimize the pressure is to follow a structured timeline so you’ll know which element is the immediate priority, and which elements are coming next. You can’t do everything at one time. So, with the help of your consultant, spread the deliverables over time and conquer them individually.

Following these 5 steps will help you get the most from your investment in a consultant, and maximize your opportunity to take the 6th and final step — celebrating your MBA admission!