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3 “open doors” for MBA applicants NOT invited to interview

November 5 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

When 19th century inventor Alexander Graham Bell first uttered these profound words, there was no such thing as an “MBA degree.” However, Bell’s wisdom has enduring relevance and value today for all MBA applicants who find the admissions door slammed shut when they don’t receive an interview invitation.

Applying to business school but then not getting an interview feels frustrating, painful, maybe even devastating. The admissions staff has denied you the chance to look them in the eye, tell your story and answer their questions in-person. They provide no personalized explanation, rationale, feedback or advice. Just “thanks and best wishes.”

As unfair and unsettling as this outcome feels, the reality is that you have 3 new, viable “doors” waiting for you to open:

Door #1: Start now to reapply
If your heart is still set on attending your original target school, and if waiting an additional year to enroll (if admitted) is okay with you, there’s no reason to delay your re-application campaign. Now is your chance to get a head start on the thousands of other applicants who will be denied admission later in the process. It’s far more efficient and effective to maintain your momentum, re-evaluate your candidacy and refine your application materials now than having to re-start from a dead stop next spring. A comprehensive admissions consultation from The MBA Exchange is the ideal solution. Starting with an assessment of your denied applications, an experienced advisor will provide guidance and support that maximizes your chances for success on the second try.

Door #2: Apply now to another school
Being denied admission now, without an interview, is a gift. Yes, a gift. If you’d been interviewed and then rejected in a few months, you would have less time to select another school and prepare a strong application in time for the upcoming deadline. So, seize this moment and channel your disappointment by strengthening your candidacy and creating a killer app for a different MBA program that’s likely to appreciate you more. If you’re unsure about which other business schools to pursue and how to frame your candidacy for admission, partnering with a pro is a smart move. The MBA Exchange features a roster of former admissions professionals and MBA grads from all of the top-tier schools. In fact, it’s likely that some of them share your industry experience, undergraduate major or cultural background.

Door #3: Get a free, reality check from an expert
Is your confidence shaken by the lack of an interview invitation? Are you feeling less certain about whether an MBA education is the right next step? This reaction is certainly understandable. However, there’s no benefit to remaining in limbo. If you want to make an informed decision about whether to pursue, postpone or put aside your MBA dream, getting the perspective of a professional admissions consultant should be your next step. He or she can tell you, promptly and objectively, how competitive you are and whether attending business school aligns with your vision. Request your free evaluation today.

So, which of these 3 doors will you choose? No need to knock. Just open it and get started today.