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Your MBA Application Deserves a “Second Look”

January 5 2016 By The MBA Exchange
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You check your appearance in the mirror before a night on the town.
You view your calendar before booking a business or vacation trip.
You look both ways before crossing a busy street.

Isn’t your MBA application also worth a “second look” before you submit it to your dream business school?

After so many weeks, days and hours of diligently crafting your application, it’s very easy to overlook gaps or mistakes that could harm your chances for admission. It often takes an objective eye to spot something you’ve missed.

You can have a trusted friend or colleague do the review. Or, better yet, how about getting a former MBA admissions professional or seasoned admissions consultant to give it look. Engaging a proven review service, like AppCheck from The MBA Exchange, will not only find errors but also discover missed opportunities to strengthen your app before it’s too late.

No matter how eager you are to click that mouse and send your application to the admissions committee, remember – your goal is not just “applying,” it’s getting admitted! Consider the added peace of mind and confidence you’ll gain by getting a second look before you submit.