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Isn’t Your MBA Application Worth Double Checking?

August 23 2016 By The MBA Exchange
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You wouldn’t walk into an important job interview without first looking in the mirror to make sure you look your best, right?

Well, the same is true when applying to a top business school. Serious MBA candidates don’t submit an application before double — and even triple — checking the spelling and grammar.

But there are even more important aspects of an MBA app that merit close inspection before you click ”Submit.” Here are just 3 key points to be confirmed before you apply:

• Are specific examples of strength in your professional, academic and personal profiles?
• Is there a relevant, compelling and achievable vision for your post-MBA career?
• Have you conveyed a seamless fit with the offerings and culture of the school?

So, what’s the best way to be sure you have these important bases covered? You can re-read the application yourself, but you might still be missing something important. Or you can have a trusted friend or colleague review it for you, but they don’t have the objectivity or admissions experience to be constructively critical.

Or, best of all, you can have a professional admissions consultant scrutinize your application and provide specific actionable feedback and suggestions for improvement. Given the high stakes, this is a small investment that reduces risk and maximizes the odds for success. At The MBA Exchange, we offer two proven solutions that ensure quality and peace of mind for business school applicants:

AppCheck ™ Application Review Service

An in-depth review with insightful feedback that allows you to make final changes before the deadlines. Valuable whether you’ve worked solo or engaged another admissions consulting firm.

MyAdcom ™ Application Test
Ex-adcoms from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and other top schools read the application, assess the candidacy and state a recommended “decision” (i.e., interview, deny or waitlist) so you can revisit and improve your application.

While it can be very tempting to submit your MBA application several days before the official deadline, we urge you not to do so. Take the time to make sure that it’s the very best presentation it can be. Remember, the goal here is not just application, it’s admission!