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What Keeps You from Starting Your MBA Admissions Campaign?

June 13 2017 By The MBA Exchange
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The sooner you begin your campaign, the stronger your MBA candidacy will become, and the higher your chances for admission success. With that reality in mind, why are you still waiting to begin?


Business schools are already starting to publish their application deadlines and essay questions. And the process of creating a strong resume and cultivating recommenders is the same as it’s always been. So, there’s no good reason to delay launching your campaign.Perfection?
No matter how high your GPA and test scores, no matter where you work or attended college, there are other MBA applicants with stronger credentials. However, there are also others whose candidacies are not as strong as yours. Welcome to the real world. So, rather than wait for some miracle to transform your profile into being “perfect,” now’s the time to drill down, leverage your strengths and mitigate your vulnerabilities. If you’re unsure where to start, get a free expert evaluation of your candidacy.

Here’s your wake up call. Thousands of other applicants are already hard at work, bolstering their candidacies and crafting powerful content. According to PoetsandQuants.com, at the top 10 business schools, application volume (54,000) is higher and the acceptance rate (14.5%) is lower than any time in recent years. So, if you want to win, you need to get into the game. Enough said?

As we enter our third decade of advising b-school applicants, The MBA Exchange understands the pressures and challenges of the admissions process. We also know how important it is to have positive thoughts and feelings in order to produce a winning campaign. Hopefully, our comments above can help you jumpstart your pursuit of MBA admission.

In closing, we’ll leave you with the immortal words of best-selling author (and, by the way, Harvard MBA graduate) Stephen R. Covey: “The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”