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“Diversity” has never been more relevant for MBA applicants

August 15 2017 By The MBA Exchange
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Business schools are a microcosm of the world in terms of the cultures, values, sexual orientations and national origins represented on campus. This mosaic of backgrounds is definitely not an accident.

MBA admissions committees proactively build a diverse cohort so admitted students can dramatically broaden their perspectives, re-examine their beliefs, and expand their networks. Therefore, candidacies that reflect a sincere, authentic desire to benefit from and contribute to diversity resonate positively with adcoms in ways that complement resumes, transcripts and test scores. Top MBA programs are proud — even competitive — when it comes to the percentages of their admits who are female, international, LGBTQ, etc. So, as you contemplate what you expect to gain from attending business school — and what you want to contribute in return — take the time to consider the value and importance of “diversity.”

Just like the applicant universe we serve, the admissions consulting team at The MBA Exchange reflects a very broad range of personal, cultural, ethnic, geographic and professional backgrounds. Having advised nearly 5,000 MBA applicants from around the world since 1996, we can attest to the following: Regardless of how common OR unique your own profile may be, you have the opportunity to appreciate, embrace and advance diversity in your community, through your career, and at business school. Recognizing and seizing this opportunity can enhance your b-school candidacy and, even more importantly, your life.