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“Wanting and needing an MBA” is not enough

November 29 2017 By The MBA Exchange
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Many business applicants believe that their strongest case for getting admitted to a business school is based on desire and necessity. These individuals use their applications to convey a deep passion for a particular school and a detailed rationale for how an MBA degree is required to advance their career. That’s a logical approach but not a complete or compelling one.

The fact is that leading business schools have a surplus of highly qualified applicants who desire and would benefit from this education. So, “wanting and needing” an MBA do very little to distinguish a candidacy.

From having advised thousands of applicants over the past three decades, The MBA Exchange knows what it takes to succeed. A more effective approach is to view the application process as a business transaction from which both parties need to benefit. For the applicant, the rewards are obvious (e.g., valuable knowledge, expanded perspective, robust network, prestigious credential, greater marketability, etc.). The most astute candidates also consider and address what the school wants and needs from applicants (e.g., above average academic stats, post-MBA career potential, cross-cultural mindset, demonstrated leadership, commitment to give back, etc.).

By presenting a powerful value proposition that reflects the preferences of the admissions committee, an MBA applicant can maximize his or her chances for success. Aligning your candidacy with the school’s priorities will elevate your profile in ways far beyond just “wanting and needing” this opportunity. The best way to get started is with a free, expert evaluation of your academic, personal and professional background. This will enable you to bolster your strengths, mitigate your vulnerabilities and build a candidacy that will rise above the crowd.