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5 Reasons to Launch Your MBA Admissions Campaign Today

May 19 2020 By The MBA Exchange
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Regardless of the endeavor, procrastination rarely produces better results. This is especially true when pursuing admittance to a top-tier business school. Based on our experience with helping 5,000+ applicants over the past three decades, The MBA Exchange offers five compelling reasons to start your admissions campaign today:

  1. Some of your competitors already have a head start.
    One segment of next season’s MBA applicant pool is especially motivated: last season’s denied applicants. Re-applicants – those who put their hearts and souls into applying last year but were turned down – have been planning for success since the moment they were rejected. They’re also quite savvy about the application process. This knowledge and motivation can give them a competitive edge over first-time applicants – an advantage that only increases the longer you wait to apply.
  2. Achieving GMAT or GRE success shouldn’t be rushed.
    Many applicants believe they need to complete the standardized test before addressing any other aspect of their campaigns. However, unless earning a specific score will determine IF you’re going to apply to business school vs. WHEN, delaying the rest of the application process only reduces your overall chances for admission. While important, your test score is only one factor in the application process. Furthermore, prepping for the GMAT or GRE can be stressful and/or monotonous, especially given the current environment of uncertainty of test center availability and/or taking the test at home. So, balancing test practice with strategically shaping other aspects of your campaign can help reduce anxiety and maximize productivity and performance.
  3. You don’t need to wait for the new applications.
    Another common excuse for procrastination is the fact that schools have yet to publish the upcoming year’s applications. Think again! First, there are many important steps you can (and should) take before drafting essays or soliciting recommendations. And second, MBA applications – including essay and recommendation questions – rarely change significantly from year to year. Preparing skeletal outlines based on last year’s questions can make good sense, especially if you intend to apply to multiple schools.
  4. Improving your overall candidacy takes time.
    If you’re like most MBA applicants, there are some gaps or flaws in your academic, personal, or professional profile. That’s just reality and wishful thinking won’t make the “soft spots” in your profile vanish. The longer you wait to confront these constraints, the harder it will be to reverse, mitigate or explain them. So, start optimizing instead of rationalizing today. If you’re unsure about the quality of your candidacy, request our free, expert evaluation as a starting point.
  5. Shhhh! (Most other candidates are still waiting to start.)
    Here’s the best reason of all to begin your MBA admissions campaign now: most of your fellow applicants are still procrastinating! They’re either oblivious to, or simply ignoring, the points above. You can gain an edge by commencing your campaign now. When deadlines approach, the thorough, thoughtful, compelling application you’re confident to submit will be a function of those first steps you took … today.

We’d love to assess your potential and help you get started now. Again, for a free evaluation of your candidacy, contact us today: https://www.mbaexchange.com/. While there’s no shortage of possible reasons, rationalizations, and excuses for postponing your application process, hopefully the above 5 reasons provide compelling reasoning to launch your MBA admissions campaign today!