3.1 GPA, Re-Applicant Cracks Wharton

3.1 GPA, Re-Applicant Cracks Wharton


This applicant came to us with many challenges: a fairly technical work history, unremarkable credentials (test scores, GPA, etc.) and a previously failed campaign.

720 GMAT Score
3.1 Undergrad GPA
Undergrad Resume Banking & finance undergraduate degree in Middle East; CFA; waste management and environmental industry finance leader

The Situation

This applicant used a strategy that most reapplicants employ (and fail with): presenting what seems like an improved application, but ends up being “more of the same” (slightly higher test score, linear improvments in work progression, etc.).

We used the approach that is absolutely necessary for reapplicants: show a new or higher perspective and a sense of reflection and introspection from the previous apps. For this, we used our proprietary tools that enable the applicant to document varied aspects of their lives with a focus on what they felt, learned and experienced. We also used our usual thorough process of developing a career vision that is ambitious yet tangible. Importantly, we supported this applicant over a very long period, through the various setbacks and challenges that came along the way.

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Our Solution.

All told, this engagement lasted nearly multiple years and included three distinct campaigns (most other firms or consultants would have given up!). But at each stage we saw this applicant become clearer in his career goals, acquire new valuable professional experiences, and show an inspiring level of resilience after each setback. He ultimately won a seat at his dream school (Wharton) after a third application. Importantly, the career vision process we employed helped him get into his dream career (consultant at an MBB) a full year before his final, successful application.

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