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Consider a “belt & braces” approach for your MBA application

December 4 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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What an odd expression: “Belt & braces.” Actually, it’s a phrase from about 80 years ago defined as “involving or employing multiple methods or procedures to achieve a desired result.”

Before casting aside this concept as just an old-fashioned notion, think again. When it comes to preparing an application to your dream business school, following a “belt and braces” approach makes a lot of sense.

Start by considering these realities of applying to highly selective MBA programs:

  1. You’ve invested so much time and effort in your application that you may be “too close” to it now to spot gaps, disconnects or errors.
  2. Application content that seems totally clear and compelling to you as the applicant may not be read that way by the admissions staff.
  3. Business schools can interpret even small mistakes as indications that an applicant is not fully focused, attentive or committed to their program.
  4. It’s unlikely you’ll receive any feedback from a business school if they ultimately deny your application. Wondering if rejection was due to an error or oversight can make denial feel even more frustrating and regrettable.

However, if you could get informed, actionable feedback from an MBA admissions expert that allows you to tweak, repair or refine your application before you submit the final version the school, wouldn’t you do so? Well, now you can.

Drawing from admissions knowledge that spans three decades, and more than 5,000 client engagements, The MBA Exchange offers two uniquely valuable services for applicants who have completed, but not yet submitted, their apps and want to maximize the chances for success:

AppCheck ™ application review.
Our expert admissions consultants scrutinize your app and provide objective feedback for improvement. We provide specific, actionable suggestions in one iteration so you can present your very best application. Even if you worked with another admissions consulting firm, this service is for you. Turnaround time is only 2-3 days.

MyAdcom ™ application test.
Do you wonder, “What will the Admissions Committee think of my candidacy?” This service answers that question – before you apply. Working directly and confidentially with a former MBA adcom from a highly selective school, you’ll get insightful guidance, including a written, high-level review followed by a candid 60-minute telephone or Skype conversation so you can then optimize your app.

If this “belt & braces” approach resonates with you, just give The MBA Exchange a shout. We’re eager to help you gain comfort, confidence and – most of all – admission!