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How will you feel if admitted to your dream business school?

May 21 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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There are very few events that could suddenly, dramatically and irreversibly transform your future. Most days are stable and predictable, with some highs and some lows, but not many moments are truly “life changing.” And winning the mega-millions lottery jackpot is a long shot for anyone.

Well, visualize the moment you learn the MBA program you’ve dreamed about for months – maybe even years – has invited you to join their incoming class! How will you feel? What will you think? What will you say and do?

Harvard Business School recently shared a 77-second video clip that captured how one MBA applicant reacted when he learned that HBS admitted him. The elation, jubilation and exhilaration are simply indescribable!

Now imagine how you will respond if and when you get this news. As former MBA adcoms and grads of the world’s top business schools, and having guided thousands of successful applicants, our team at The MBA Exchange knows first-hand how surreal it feels to get admitted. In fact, that’s exactly why we do what we do – sharing wisdom, giving feedback, and providing insights to help our clients maximize their chances for reaching this magic moment.

The thrill of getting admitted to b-school is just the start. The knowledge, skills, perspectives and relationships acquired as a student influence the future in more ways than you can predict. But none of this is remotely possible unless and until you optimize your candidacy by engaging with the school community, recruiting supportive recommenders, producing a stellar application, and nailing your interview.

Engaging a savvy, dedicated advisor for whom your MBA admission is the highest priority could be the key to you experiencing the joy of b-school admission. Start with a free, expert evaluation of your background and goals. And for some added inspiration, take a second look at this unforgettable video.

Lights! Camera! Get ready for your close-up!