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A full-time professional GMAT and GRE tutor with over 10 years of experience, Priya is a former high school physics and math teacher. As a dedicated educator, she takes immense pride and satisfaction in helping others excel. As a student herself, Priya earned numerous national science awards and scholarships, including the Intel Science Talent Search and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. As an undergraduate, she won awards for research in nanotechnology and a highly competitive grant to write about science research opportunities. Priya graduated with a bachelor of science degree in chemical physics from the Honors Scholar Program at Rice University in Texas. An editor of the Official Guide for GMAC/Wiley, Priya has taught and coached students worldwide.

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“After only ~2 weeks of work with Priya, I made a 20-point increase in my official score. Her greatest strength is her ability to understand your work process and point out flaws with it, rather than relying on a canned explanation – a huge differentiating factor! Priya helped me see where I was going wrong with a particular problem which helped me to modify my thinking across problem types, rather than relying on memorized formulas or explanations.”

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