MBA4India will provide assessment, planning, authorized use of proprietary tools, refinement of resume, review of recommendations, review and editing of essays, interview preparation, waitlist coaching, and other support as MBA4India deems appropriate in pursuit of my enrollment by 2022. I will comply with MBA4India’s service process and requirements.

MBA4India and I will treat all information, interaction and other aspects of this relationship as strictly confidential. I understand that all information, services, techniques and materials provided by MBA4India are their confidential property intended for my use only under terms of this agreement. I will not copy or share it in any way with other individuals or organizations. I am responsible for providing MBA4India with requested information and reporting the results of my applications in a timely, honest and ethical manner. I understand I am responsible for having sufficient bandwidth, connectivity, and access for any online communications related to this engagement. I will be responsible for all collection expenses related to any past-due balance. I understand that this agreement remains in force, my contractual obligations continue, and there is no refund if I choose to withdraw after service commences.

I understand that MBA4India does not, in any way, guarantee or warrant the results of the services provided, including specifically my admission to any school. In no event will MBA4India’s liability, if any, arising out of or related to the services provided by MBA4India exceed the amount paid for those services which give rise to the claim. By completing this payment transaction, I acknowledge and agree that I have read and understood these terms.