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"I spoke with other consulting firms, but was overall unimpressed with their apparent level of commitment and professionalism in comparison with what you offered. Thus, I'd like to pursue my MBA hopes in conjunction with your expertise and honest insight!"

K., California

"Thank you very much for your honesty. I really appreciate it and I am very thankful for it. From this moment on, no other consulting company will be taken into consideration. I only want to work together with MBA Exchange."

M., Germany

"Thanks for following up. You guys at MBA Exchange run a much tighter ship / are much more professional than your competition."

M., North Carolina

"I trust that MBA Exchange guys are the best in the business."

J., India

"Out of all the consultant companies that I have reached out to so far, you have provided the most thorough feedback."

M., California

"Thank you very much for this detailed and insightful reply. I can certainly see that support from The MBA Exchange would be of significant benefit to my application."

L., United Kingdom

"Amazed at the depth of the evaluation made on the basis of a few entries made on the online portal. Happy to have found a consultant with whom I believe I can be guided well."

U., India

"Thank you very much for your initial assessment of my suitability for an MBA course. It is great to hear an honest and constructively critical opinion of what I could offer. I have read positive reviews about the service you supply and the expertise your consultants bring to the MBA applications"

A., United Kindgom

"The feedback I've received and the reviews I've read put you above and beyond the competition."

N., New York

"I have no doubt that your services will suit me immensely, given that you have done my complete profile evaluation free of charge. I tried the 'Free Consultancy' with some others and no one gave me such detailed analysis."

S., India

"Thank for you for your analysis as it was very insightful, especially identifying weaknesses in my candidacy for applying for an MBA program presently."

P., New York

"I thought your evaluation was great and extremely helpful."

J., California

"Thank you for providing a surprisingly thorough initial assessment of my profile. I agree with most of your points especially with regards to my areas of improvement."

H., Turkey

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