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Lucky Dilemma: Deciding between Multiple Offers

November 26 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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This guest post is by Kim Carter, a senior admissions consultant with The MBA Exchange.

You got accepted into multiple schools, and are now struggling to decide where to go. First of all, realize this is a good problem to have—you’re in an extremely enviable position. But that doesn’t make it any easier. Next, take a deep breath and realize that you really can’t make a wrong decision: these are all great schools for you or you wouldn’t have applied to them in the first place. And of course, celebrate a little and take some time to clear your head before making the big decision.

I was in this position myself when deciding where to attend business school, and the following steps helped me to ultimately decide on where I would fit best. Hopefully these steps will help you, too!

1. Listen to your gut instinct. Deep down, you probably already have some sense of where you want to attend.

2. If you haven’t already, make sure to visit all the schools you’re considering. Make sure to take time to sit in on classes and meet current students and see if it feels right.

3. Reach out to as many current students, alums, and even professors as you can from the different schools. The response rate and friendliness of these exchanges can tell you a lot about what it would like to be part of that network.

4. Consider financials, such as whether one of the schools has offered you a scholarship or enough financial aid to factor into the decision. While this shouldn’t be your primary decision-making factor, graduating with no or low debt can make a big difference in future career freedom.

5. Consider the recruitment prospects from each program and whether one offers a significant advantage for what you want to do.

6. Think through the differences across the programs and what is most important to you (e.g., location, teaching methods, class size, specializations offered, curriculum, etc.).

If you want to experience this “lucky dilemma,” The MBA Exchange can help. For years, The MBA Exchange has been helping candidates to put forward the best possible applications and maximize their chances for admission. The MBA Exchange can also offer hourly career counseling if you just want to discuss your options with an expert.