December 1 2009 By The MBA Exchange
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With the business and academic landscape continually evolving, it’s imperative that a forum exists where working professionals can discuss the ever-changing face of MBA education, as well as 21st century career trajectories. We intend to make this forum, The MBA Exchange® Blog, just that.

Since 1996, our team’s mission has been to help future business leaders gain the intellectual, emotional, and economic benefits of a top-quality management education. And as our global network has expanded, we’ve heard feedback from applicants that they’d like a more interactive, real-time forum where they can engage around pressing issues in the business and academic arenas, and where they could make sense of the latest news in higher education and the global marketplace.

We‘re happy to oblige, and hope that this post is the first of many in a series of discussions where we can share expertise and insight, and garner feedback from readers as together we examine the MBA experience – before, during and after business school.

While subsequent posts will tackle newsworthy issues, profile top MBA programs, and present a range of facts and insights, with this maiden post we thought it best to explain exactly who we are and what it is we do at The MBA Exchange.

We are a group of over thirty highly experienced, diverse graduates and former admissions officers from the world’s top business schools. Since 1996, The MBA Exchange has provided admission consulting support for over 2,000 applicants to the world’s top academic programs. Through personalized consulting and real-time coaching, we stand alone as the only admissions consulting firm that can offer you independent verification of both performance and satisfaction. Specifically, we have achieved CPA-reported 97% admission success and a confirmed A+ Rating for trustworthiness and client dedication. Why settle for less?

The MBA Exchange team has distinguished itself from other firms by offering proven tools and comprehensive consulting, instead of forcing one-size-fits-all hourly “solutions.” Our strategies and tactics are personalized and proprietary, and therefore are provided exclusively to our clients. The competitive advantage is in our customized process – and our industry-leading admission rate is a testament to that edge.

We maintain a global network of resources, harness broad business background and cross-cultural savvy, and leverage our experience in both the MBA admissions process and admissions consulting. But at the end of the day, our biggest source of pride is setting the standard for reliability and responsiveness. For instance, every client question receives a response within 24 hours, reflecting our full attention and support.

Are you considering business school, but not quite sure where to start? Do you need a recommendation for a cost-effective standardized text tutor? Have you narrowed down the list of MBA programs best suited for your needs, but need an insider’s viewpoint to get a leg up in the application process? Do you want career guidance based on emerging trends to help you decide on that next professional or educational step?

Then be sure to visit us again later this week, and across the coming months, as we delve into the pertinent issues of the day. We’ll start this Thursday by exploring advancements in social media that can help you identify and pursue your academic and career goals.

And as always, feel free to request a free confidential evaluation of your candidacy, or to contact us directly with any questions about our services.

-The MBA Exchange Team