Elevating Your MBA Experience: The Coolest Clubs at Top MBA Programs


Elevating Your MBA Experience: The Coolest Clubs at Top MBA Programs

March 1 2024 By The MBA Exchange
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An MBA is more than just a rigorous academic journey; it’s an opportunity to grow both inside and outside the classroom. Participating in organized club activities allows students to deepen their interest in various subjects through active engagement. We’ve explored some of the coolest clubs offered at top MBA programs and highlighted them in this series of blogs. These clubs not only enhance the MBA experience but also provide invaluable professional and personal development opportunities.

HBS (Harvard Business School) MBA Clubs

Ideas@Work: This non-partisan community of HBS students explores political and economic ideas that promote human flourishing. Their principles are three-fold: individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. Just don’t call them Young Libertarians.

B-School Blades: Where enthusiasm matters as much as talent! Hockey players of all skill levels compete, improve, and enjoy weekly practices, games, and tournaments (including the Dartmouth Tournament), playing “the sport we love.” Monthly gatherings include NHL Bruins games. “Check” it out, eh?

Wharton MBA Clubs

Yoga & Wellness Club: Join this club to find balance within the modern MBA experience through yoga and wellness-related resources “within the Wharton yogasphere.” The perfect way to earn your “Om-BA” degree.

Rebuilding Together: The largest community service organization on campus! Members work together to identify local, low-income homeowners and help rehab their homes every spring. That’s what we call “giving back” on a grand scale.

Chocolate Club: This club does more than eat chocolate. They explore chocolate from many angles — from harvesting in Africa to production in Switzerland. Events include chocolate movie nights, recipes and lessons, “Best of Philly” rankings, and member-only tastings at local venues. Hmmm… wonder if these Chocoholics ever have mixers with the Yoga & Wellness Club.

Wharton Wings: From introductory flights for novices to speaker series and trips to local airports, this club is perfect for students interested in aerospace and defense careers. The thrill of taking flight uniquely expands MBA students’ professional and aspirational horizons.

Stanford GSB Clubs

GSB Dogs: For GSB dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers! From finding dog-sitters to quarterly off-leash dog parties, this club allows members to meet the “dogs behind the students.” B.Y.O. Alpo.

Epicureans @ the GSB: “Themed” dinners with students, faculty, or Silicon Valley residents, celebrating diverse cultures while indulging in California cuisine. More sprouts and avocado, anyone?

I Have a Dream (IHAD): This mentoring and tutoring program for young students in East Palo Alto adopts a class and follows them through high school graduation, paying it forward with dedication.


INSEAD Private Equity Club: With over 1,000 alumni engaged in PE worldwide, this club is essential for those interested in private equity. Flagship events include annual conferences in Fontainebleau and Singapore, making it ideal for future private equity associates and investors.

OUTSEAD: Representing the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community at INSEAD, this club promotes education, visibility, and an inclusive atmosphere. Frequent networking events and social gatherings reflect a holistic view of diversity.

Columbia MBA Clubs

Green Business Club: This club enhances preparation for careers in alternative energy, green marketing, and sustainable investing. Members advocate for sustainable practices and deepen their understanding of triple-bottom-line business issues through events and forums.

Eureka! (Greek Club): Promoting Hellenic ideals of humanism, thought leadership, and community spirit in modern business, this club explores where personal contentment meets professional advancement. Expect occasional baklava and ouzo!

MIT Sloan MBA Clubs

Happy Belly Club: This club coordinates events where the MIT community can bond over delicious food. Events include restaurant outings, student-hosted dinners, and speakers like James Beard Award winners, exploring Boston’s culinary scene.

MIT SOS (Significant Others of Sloan): Supporting spouses and partners of MBA students with social outings, outdoor activities, and lifelong friendships.

Sloan Veterans Association: This group helps military veterans transition into business school, leveraging their leadership skills and expanding their networks through career development and social events.

Chicago Booth MBA Clubs

Mothers at Booth (MaB): Supporting student mothers with visibility and information about motherhood during and after business school, helping them achieve academic and professional success alongside vibrant family life.

Audio Booth: For music lovers and creators, this club offers performances, access to rehearsal spaces, and opportunities to explore Chicago’s local music scene.

Booth Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (BETA): Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, this club focuses on skills and networking for sourcing, purchasing, managing, and exiting entrepreneurial ventures. Educational events include discussions with industry gurus and live investment evaluations.

Northwestern Kellogg MBA Clubs

Brew’n Q: Sharing a passion for beer and BBQ, this club organizes events like the annual Turkey Bowl, Chili Cook-off, and Spring Luau, celebrating the ancient art of grilling and global beers.

Digital Shorts: Encouraging the creation of comical digital short films celebrating Kellogg, this club is perfect for those who enjoy making entertaining videos.

Joint Ventures: Supporting partners of incoming students with social and cultural events, job development, and meaningful volunteer opportunities, helping them transition smoothly into Kellogg Life.

UC Berkeley Haas MBA Clubs

Redwoods@Haas: Organizing outdoor adventures like the Yosemite car camp-out, kayaking, skydiving, and camping, this club embraces the great outdoors and adventure.

Haas Leadership Club: Focusing on inspiring people to achieve their potential and work together, this club offers leadership labs, interview practice, business book abstracts, and unlimited pizza at events.

C4C: The MBA Challenge for Charity organizes volunteer and fundraising events, culminating in the annual C4C Sports Weekend. Members participate in activities like landscaping, sports clinics, and charity auctions.

Cornell Johnson MBA Clubs

Human Capital Association: Exploring HR issues in global business, this club offers academic and professional development through speakers, workshops, and collaborations with industry organizations.

BR MicroCapital: Supporting local microbusiness owners with business assistance and loans, this student-run organization partners with community development credit unions to promote inclusive economic development.

Cookin’ the Books: For food enthusiasts, this social club connects members through culinary interests, hosting events and making connections with local culinary experts.

Michigan Ross MBA Clubs

iMpulse Dance Club: Offering group dance lessons in salsa, swing, and hip-hop, this club provides a fun way to relieve MBA stress while boosting social confidence and fitness.

Ross Mentorship Program: Facilitating networking opportunities and good will, this program matches new students with continuing students, fostering connections and support throughout the MBA journey.

Ross Photography Club: Encouraging photography enthusiasts to explore Ann Arbor while raising the visibility of student work and creating networking opportunities.

Carnegie Mellon Tepper MBA Clubs

Alpha Club: Dedicated to investment management, this club bridges the gap between Tepper’s curriculum and real-world portfolio management. Members manage the Tepper Opportunity Fund and participate in trading contests, resume reviews, and CFA preparation.

Endurance Club: Promoting distance sports like hiking, biking, running, and swimming, this club educates members on training techniques and fosters a community of endurance sport enthusiasts.

UCLA Anderson MBA Clubs

Black & Scholes Surf Club: Catering to surfing enthusiasts, this club organizes events for beginners and experienced surfers to enjoy Southern California’s renowned waves.

Automotive Business Association: Connecting students with career opportunities in the automotive industry, this club hosts events like company presentations, job shadowing, and the LA Auto Show.

Yale SOM MBA Clubs

Economic Development Club: Focusing on economic security and justice, this club explores topics like education, workforce development, and environmental balancing through events and conferences.

Conservative Club: Promoting conservative ideas, this club enriches business education through political participation and engagement with diverse viewpoints.

Sales & Trading Club: Providing a forum for learning about the sales and trading field, this club offers networking, recruiting opportunities, and events like trading floor visits and mock interviews.

Food For Thought: This volunteer-run café supports the Internship Fund and provides a great space for study groups and club meetings, blending food with philanthropy.

NYU Stern MBA Clubs

Technology & New Media Group (TANG): Offering networking opportunities, job search assistance, and educational events like tech treks, speaker series, and student-run panels, TANG connects students with the technology industry.

Stern in Africa (SIA): Enhancing awareness of business and investment opportunities in Africa, this club hosts professional, educational, and social events exploring the continent’s growing economies.

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Clubs

Tuck Case Competition Club: Helping students refine their case-cracking skills, this club offers debriefs, strategies, and social mixers to prepare for case competitions.

Dartmouth Energy Collaborative: Connecting the energy community, this club organizes educational events, plant tours, and business plan competitions to explore energy-related topics.

Tuck African Ancestry Business Association (TAABA): Building community among students of African descent, this club sponsors social and networking events, academic assistance, and admissions outreach.

UVA Darden MBA Clubs

Turnaround & Restructuring Club: Fostering careers in financial and operational restructuring, this club offers skills development programs, networking opportunities, and job treks.

Outreach at Darden: Organizing community service activities, this club helps students make an impact in Charlottesville and grow as leaders.

JD/MBA Society: Strengthening the JD/MBA program, this club connects students and faculty from both the law and business schools with local law firms