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M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

MyAdcom™ Application Test

You’ve just completed your MBA application and plan to submit it to your dream school. But you’re wondering, “How will the Admissions Committee view my candidacy?”

MyAdcom™ from The MBA Exchange answers that question — before you apply — while helping to maximize your chances for admission.

You’ll work directly with a former MBA admissions officer from a highly selective business school. To ensure you receive insightful guidance, he or she will:

  1. Review your entire application package, including drafts of recommendations if you have them.
  2. Send you a written review of overall impressions from an adcom perspective within 48 hours or less.
  3. Have a candid 60-minute telephone or Skype audio conversation with you to answer any remaining questions and provide further advice on how to optimize your application.

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