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MyAdcom™ Application Review

You’ve just completed your MBA application and plan to submit it to your dream school. But you’re wondering, “How will the Admissions Committee view my candidacy? Is my application strong enough to get admitted?

MyAdcom™ Application Review from The MBA Exchange digs deep to help you answer these questions – before you apply – and maximize your chances for admission. Within 72 hours (including weekends and holidays), one of our admissions experts will:

  • Thoroughly review your entire application package – from “big picture” to essential details – including your resume, essays, short answers and recommendations (if available)
  • Offer specific insights and impressions from an adcom perspective including, but not limited to, candidacy strengths, vulnerabilities, and constraints
  • Provide critical feedback and actionable written advice on how to hone your application before you submit your best and final application

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