Career Consulting

M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

Career Advisory Services

Optimizing your career is a lifelong challenge — whether you’re a college student, a recent grad, an MBA applicant, a budding professional or a seasoned executive.

Targeting the right industry and best company to land the ideal job; qualifying and competing for that position; and becoming the winning candidate requires exceptional strategic insight and tactical skills. Having a proven career expert in your corner can make a world of difference. That expert is The MBA Exchange.

Our Mission

We provide guidance and support to help you define, refine and achieve your highest career aspirations. Our consultants help you navigate the complex, ever-changing employment marketplace to obtain a role where you can realize the full value of your experience and education, and continue elevating and reaching your “personal best” for the rest of your life.

Our Qualifications

We’re experienced former MBA Career Services officers and savvy MBA graduates from the world’s leading business schools including Harvard and Stanford. As experienced professionals from major companies and top-tier management consulting firms, we know what it takes to apply, interview and get selected for the most attractive jobs. We leverage our first-hand knowledge of traditional and non-traditional roles and organizations spanning all industries. Most important of all, we understand the perspectives and priorities of the managers who assess, interview, hire and promote individuals like you.

Our Services

We work with you as a devoted partner and mentor, diligently and confidentially. We focus on tangible objectives and milestones, established with you at the start of the engagement. We help you identify, find and acquire the role you desire, while ensuring that it contributes to your long-term success — based on how you define success. We personalize our services through an empathetic yet results-oriented advisory process.


Creating a Comprehensive Strategy for Job Search

  • Planning, organizing and implementing your campaign
  • Learning what to do — and what to avoid — to ensure interview invitations
  • Using professional and personal networking to your advantage
  • Creating a marketable inventory of your knowledge and skills
  • Targeting which industries, companies and executives to contact
  • Connecting with corporate and executive recruiters

Optimizing Your Presence on and Use of LinkedIn

  • Writing a personal summary as well as one for each past experience
  • Optimizing your online profile for job-search success
  • Finding and approaching the right individuals to advance your campaign
  • Building a customized list of target companies to pursue
  • Identifying the best possible jobs based on proven criteria
  • Choosing the right settings for your profile, communications, groups and account

Writing a Compelling Resume to Elevate Your Profile

  • Gathering and organizing information about previous experiences and current goals
  • Structuring a document that highlights your skills, experience and accomplishments

Preparing for Successful Job Interviews

  • Creating a list of questions most likely to be asked and structuring the best answers
  • Developing a “One Page Interview Template”
  • Preparing for challenging behavioral interview questions
  • Providing a list of engaging questions for you to ask the interviewer

Negotiating for the Best Position & Compensation

  • Ensuring that job responsibilities, title, terms and compensation meet or exceed your expectations

Next Step

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