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So many admissions consultants are hanging shingles out there nowadays. And so few have the former adcom bench strength, success rates, good looks, bowling scores, or jazz and electronic record collections that we do. 

Now, you want to get to know us, and we get that. We’re eager to know you, too! There’s absolutely no cost or obligation. So, introduce yourself to our team at The MBA Exchange. And let’s get funky. (Also, see comments from some of our besties, below.)

Kind Words From Folks Who Know Us 

“Thank you very much for a thorough evaluation on my submission. Honestly, I didn’t expect such an exhaustive response and I’m very pleased. I’m already sold on your services since I wasn’t able to find any others that seem to be so on top of their game.
– D., New York

“For the last few days, I have been in talks with few more admission consulting agencies, but to be honest the kind of insight you gave is superb!!!
– A., India

“Thank you for the extensive response regarding my inquiry. The apparent time you took actually looking at my information and providing relevant feedback was impressive and above what I expected.
– J., Michigan

“Thank you for the timely and thorough response!What you said directly corresponds to what I feel are my strengths and weaknesses concerning my profile, and also address exactly the reasons why I am in the market for a consultant.
– B., Paraguay

“I would like to thank you for your complete and timely replies. I have been in touch with a number of your competitors and I see that there are not many who truly care about getting to know someone before any fees exchange hands. I am not sure how they earn people’s business. I sincerely appreciate all your patience and willingness to work with me.
– A., Virginia

“I am very impressed by the level of service I have received. You always get back to me quickly and based on all the research I have done you are the best.
– D., Hawaii

“Thank you very much for your time and energy. To be honest, I never thought someone [would] really read my resume and make such tailor-made answers for free.
– J., Hungary

“Recently, I contacted The MBA Exchange and I am positively amazed, impressed and in awe of the honesty and objectivity of this company. I can safely say that whatever you mention on your web-site is the truth and certainly no exaggeration. Getting admission into a top B-school is in my long-term goals and I will definitely engage your services. Great work! Keep going.
– A., Pakistan

“I appreciate your insight on the strengths and weaknesses of my potential MBA application. By and large, it makes perfect sense; you do an excellent job at pinpointing some areas of concern on which I have not been highly focused prior to now.
– M., California

“The feedback I’ve received and the reviews I’ve read put you above and beyond the competition.
– N., New York

“Thank you for your detailed response to my request for an evaluation. Very well thought out. I wish I had heard of your services years ago.
– N., Louisiana

“It’s heartening to see that in the market where most applicants are being treated as commodity, MBA Exchange strives to work with clients to develop a unique story.
– A., India

“Many thanks for your kind reply and information provided. MBA Exchange does seem to be by far the best consultant out there.
– B., Serbia

“Quite honestly, this evaluation has already set MBA Exchange apart from many of the other MBA admissions consulting companies I am researching.
– K., California

“Thank you for your comprehensive review. It certainly did not sound computer generated, so thank you for spending time evaluating my profile.
– V., India

“I appreciate the prompt response and the thorough evaluation of my resume. I am already impressed by the time you spent reading over my profile, which definitely explains the high quality and stunning ratings reflecting your company.
– S., Missouri

“Thank you very much for your initial assessment of my suitability for an MBA course. It is great to hear an honest and constructively critical opinion of what I could offer. I have read positive reviews about the service you supply and the expertise your consultants bring to the MBA applications.
– A., United Kingdom

“Amazed at the depth of the evaluation made on the basis of a few entries made on the online portal. Happy to have found a consultant with whom I believe I can be guided well.
– U., India

“I’ve been accepted at both HBS and GSB. I obviously couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. Can’t say thank you enough for all of your help!
– S., California

“I cannot start to describe how valuable your insights and evaluation is for me. You are the real deal! I just paid [another firm] for coaching and essay review, and your evaluation was more worthy than the expensive “review” I received [from them].
– C., Colombia

“You were incredibly helpful with the MBA [evaluation]. I ended up writing a book instead, and have a new career as a keynote speaker. Feel free to use me as a reference — you clarified a lot for me even if I didn’t end up [applying to] B-school.
– M., New York

“Thank you for your prompt response. Your input was definitely valuable in painting a clearer picture of where I stand in relation to other MBA applicants to top tier programs.
– S., Afghanistan (US Marines)

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Your assessment of my resume and qualifications is very accurate and perfectly identifies my interest in working with you to strengthen my application.
– l., New York

“Thank you for your honesty in assessing my candidacy. I’m glad that you recognize certain aspects of my background as strengths and that you have strategies and tools for addressing some of my weaknesses. After reading numerous testimonials that mirrored the experience of my friend who used your services, I’m confident that you will help maximize my chances of getting accepted into a great MBA program.
– M., California

“I really appreciated your quick, personalized and honest feedback that set you apart from the other MBA admission consulting groups I was looking at. Your evaluation was a good mix of reassurance that I actually did have some of the skills top MBAs are looking for, but also of input on what I may have overlooked.
– J., United Kingdom

“I want to personally thank you for such a thorough analysis of my background with the facts at hand. From your initial presentation, your organization seems to really have its act together!
– C., California

“Wanted to tell you how impressed I was I heard back from you so quickly. I very much appreciate that, especially considering my circumstances in asking for an eval and possible help so late in the game!
– J., Texas

“I have no doubt that your services will suit mei mmensely, given that you have done my complete profile evaluation free of charge. I tried the ‘Free Consultancy’ with some others and no one gave me such detailed analysis.
– S., India

“The evaluation you had on me I definitely agree with. I have done research about MBA consulting firms and I definitely am looking at your firm as a top option, especially the success rate and the people you have. I’m honestly not considering many other MBA Consulting firms out there. I’ve done my due diligence and believe that you can help me out a lot.
– J., New York

“I appreciated your honest evaluation of my candidacy. It was really helpful. I look forward to working with you in the future and will be in touch.
– L., California

“As you can imagine I contacted a number of consultants and I must tell you that you came back the quickest and with the most detailed insight on my chances. Thank you, really.
– E., Ireland