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We know what you want, because we’ve been in your shoes, targeting MBAs from top business schools like HBS and GSB in order to advance our careers. In order for you to make that happen, you need to be better than your competition. Way better.

But how will you know if you’re truly competitive? How do your career goals measure up to others’? How does your work experience stack up against the very best of the best? How sharp is your application pitch? Are your leadership stories actually impressive? Why should a top business school take a chance on you?

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Take your time answering your questions thoughtfully, thoroughly. The more insights you provide, the better able we can steer you in the right direction. Shoot straight with us, and we’ll be straight with you. Good luck and have fun. Let’s go!

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 Knowledge and talent are vital. But knowledge and talent PLUS experience is priceless. Former M7 admissions officers, committee members, interviewers, and MBAs comprise the deep bench at The MBA Exchange. We share information. With three decades of success with over 5,000 applicants, just consider what we bring to the table on Day 1 for YOUR application needs.


Our experts are not full-time. And thank goodness for that. Ask yourself why you’re applying to an M7 school. To one day become a full-time admissions consultant? Wrong. You want your mentor to be the person you’re hoping to be: someone who has an elite MBA, who has crushed it in life. Our consultants take on only a handful of clients they know they can dedicate all of themslves to.


 Using proprietary frameworks and proven tools, and with the cumulative knowledge decade over decade, from in-house M7 adcoms, as well as admissions consultants with hundreds of case studies under their belt, we attack your individual case knowing exactly how to tailor our approach to meet your precise needs. That’s optimizatio. Strategic chops like that doesn’t grow on trees. Take years to cultivate. Our unmatched, CPA-verified 9 out of 10 admit success rate confirms the superior impact and value of our expertise.

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