Admissions Consulting

M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

MBA (Full- or Part-time)

Our Premium Service: The Comprehensive Consultation

Analysis and Planning

  • Client submits resume, grade transcript and additional background on candidacy and goals. (Reapplicants also provide their original, rejected apps.)
  • MBA Exchange analyzes this input to help identify client’s strengths and weaknesses, develop tactical action plan, and confirm target schools.
  • MBA Exchange and client use proprietary frameworks to develop authentic positioning that aligns with the admissions criteria at each targeted school.
  • Client may request an audit of his or her “social-media profile” to identify content in need of immediate attention/action.
  • Client and MBA Exchange have a 90-minute teleconference to analyze candidacy and develop action plan.
  • MBA Exchange provides strategies, tactics, timeline, sample resume, and process for developing recommendations and essays.

Coaching and Guidance

  • Client implements customized strategies and tactics suggested by MBA Exchange.
  • MBA Exchange provides feedback, answers and continuing guidance to client via email and telephone.
  • Outside of application work, Client may request a 30-minute, personalized teleconference on post-MBA career planning with a career services professional from a top- business school at no additional charge.
  • Non-native English speakers may request optional translation services for recommendations, etc.

Implementation and Support


  • Client updates resume and submits to MBA Exchange for review and refinement.
  • MBA Exchange edits resume and returns it to client.
  • Client prepares recommendation outlines and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on recommendation outlines.
  • Client prepares outline for essays for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review.
  • MBA Exchange critiques and comments on essay outline for School #1.
  • Client prepares narrative draft based on final outline of essays for School #1 and submits to MBA Exchange for review and editing.
  • MBA Exchange reviews and suggests stylistic improvements to narrative draft of essays for School #1.

Interview Preparation

  • MBA Exchange provides written strategies and tactics for successful admissions interviews.
  • Client reviews input and refines interview techniques.
  • Client has unlimited access to MBA Exchange’s exclusive online video-practice facility with 25 simulated interviews for top schools.
  • MBA Exchange provides a real-time, mock interview for each school that extends an invitation.
  • Non-native English speakers may request an “accent evaluation” provided by a trained, expert accent-reduction coach.

Waitlist Support

  • If client is waitlisted by a targeted school, MBA Exchange provides proven strategies and tactics for advancing from waitlist.
  • MBA Exchange provides coaching via ongoing email and telephone until school announces decision.

Miscellaneous Coaching

  • As issues or questions arise, client gets MBA Exchange’s insights, suggestions and guidance.
  • For applicants to schools with required or optional video essays, MBA Exchange offers guidance on development and presentation with input from video essay coach. This service is offered at no additional charge as part of our Comprehensive Consultation.
  • For Wharton and Michigan Ross applicants only, MBA Exchange offers an innovative and exclusive service to help them perform at their best in the “team discussion” test. Our service features password protected, fully-encrypted video conferences for groups of 4 to 6 applicants administered by veteran MBA graduates and former admissions professionals. This service is offered at no additional charge as part of our comprehensive admissions consultation.

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