“The application journey was tough, but Alex turned it into a pleasant one. “

March 11 2023 By The MBA Exchange
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I would like to send you a big THANK-YOU. As a re-applicant, I got admitted to MIT Sloan, Chicago Booth, and Columbia,three top schools that I’ve dreamed. The application journey was tough, but Alex turned it into a pleasant one. There is no way for me to fully demonstrate my gratitude. “While I have worked for three different companies, each in different industry – retail banking, marketing consulting, and consumer goods – my professional background was obviously not alluring; however, Alex spent much time brainstorming with me to come up with compelling stories to earn adcom’s head, mind, and heart… I believe many of the essays we collaboratively completed are truly outstanding. Even now, I still love reviewing my essays, and countless back-and-forth mails from Alex, from whom I’ve simply learned too much. Alex isn’t only a consultant, but also a dedicated mentor, for me. “According to MBAExchange’s interview preparation policy, clients usually receive mock-interview via phone; however, I was lucky enough to have mine conducted in the city where I live… The mock-interview was imperative for me, as it built up the foundation of my interview tones and illuminated me what and how to deliver the important messages in the interview. “Last but not least, I am sure I am a tough client that has so many questions. A. has been extremely responsive and inspiring to answer my questions. Whenever he thought further clarifications would be needed, he would proactively schedule phone-call discussions to help me figure out. Thank MBAExchange to help me get in my dream schools and thank you to assign Alex as my lead consultant. In every regard, this experience has gone beyond my expectations.