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Admits to Wharton and Columbia. The guidance and support that the MBA Exchange team provided is invaluable. As I went through the process, I was better prepared for each task. I can definitely say that MBA Exchange played a huge role in my admits to those schools. Thanks again.

K., New Jersey

Business School Profile: INSEAD

The MBA Exchange is featuring a series of articles showcasing graduate management programs that our thousands of clients have found most rewarding. Our content is compiled from a number of credible sources and articles and expanded with our own observations based on nearly two decades of advising applicants.

This profile looks at INSEAD, a uniquely international MBA program that has campuses in France and Singapore. Students also have the opportunity to study an elective in Abu Dhabi, as well as take advantage of INSEAD’s alliance with the Wharton School. In 2011, The Financial Times ranked the INSEAD MBA #4 of all “global MBA” programs.

The INSEAD curriculum develops successful, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs through group work and a focus on international markets. It offers a combination of innovative ideas and teaching methodologies with a relevance to business focused on individual needs. This 10-month program covers 80% of the course hours of a traditional two-year MBA program by focusing intensely and intensively on study five days a week. “Not for the faint of heart,” is how one grad describes it. Given INSEAD’s pace, likened to that of a bustling international organization, clients have told us that they developed critical skills while building invaluable team-building skills and treasured relationships.

Fourteen core courses cover all key disciplines with a focus on business environment. Students are able to tailor their studies during the second half of the program, selecting 11 electives from more than 70. During the core curriculum, students work in highly diverse study groups of five to six, where no more than two people of the same nationality will be represented. Throughout this MBA, the diversity of students at INSEAD – in terms age, education, nationality, and professional experience – makes the focus on peer-to-peer learning particularly valuable. This truly is one of the most diverse MBA programs in the world, with more than 70 nationalities represented. So, if a global future awaits you, the chance to make international contacts could be no greater at any other school.

The goal of INSEAD professors is to create dynamic learning experience in which all students can actively learn from one another. INSEAD has 145 permanent faculty members, from 37 different countries. These professors undertake strategic research in critical areas of global business and are immersed in the business world of the region where they teach. INSEAD faculty members are not limited when it comes to teaching method. Students experience case studies, computer simulations and role-plays — whatever is the most effective method.

Dean Dipak Jain sums up INSEAD this way: “The values that drive INSEAD — including a deep respect for the power of diversity; a desire to link theory and practice to address important managerial issues; and an entrepreneurial approach to teaching and research — are ideal to meet the opportunities and challenges facing organisations in the coming years.” 

“Work hard, play hard” is often a cliché, but not at INSEAD. Imagine, if you will, the once-in-a-lifetime chance to actually live in a French chateau? INSEAD students, and the school itself, realize that lifelong bonds among classmates are forged through social interaction. So, those with the endurance and appetite for long days and long nights are drawn to INSEAD like the bubbles rising in a champagne flute.

If this is an MBA program that appeals to you, please request a free evaluation of your candidacy. If you are wondering how to get into INSEAD, contact The MBA Exchange admissions consultants who can help you develop an MBA action plan that maximizes your chances for admission at INSEAD and other top-tier schools.